The small business start-up guide


Every day of every month of every year, thousands of people across the UK – and the world – dream of starting and running a business of their own but often don’t know where to begin from. The desire of owning your own destiny, the pride that comes with creating something from scratch and the one-on-ones with clients are only a few of the reasons that inspire entrepreneurs to start a business. Plus, there’s the networking aspect that makes our endeavours really exciting. We entrepreneurs love events to meet with each other, exchange experiences and learn from each other’s challenges!

There’s not doubt that risks are always lurking behind a corner. But the journey of the entrepreneur is also full of rewards if you know what to do to avoid bottlenecks! Otherwise said, the better you become at countering and dealing with risk, the more achievements you can reap.

If you’re tempted to start a small business, this infographic can help!

Hello Print has produced a step-by-step guide loaded with tips for anyone wanting to take the leap with confidence! The guide lists the basics for starting out, from researching your market to defining your business structure and registration, as well as a checklist of aspects to consider before becoming operational to the end phase of launching your business and reaching out to customers.

Check it out!