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Creating a winning startup

Learn how you can create a successful startups that not only wins awards but more importantly gains revenue and growth
David Friel

/ Last updated on 15th October 2017

The success of a start-up is mainly dependent on the capabilities and efficiencies of the team or individual running the business. If they have sufficient and relevant skills and are competently able to meet all the industry requirements, the start-up business had higher chances of survival and success. Moreover, experience and exposure to the industry only adds to the expertise of the team and accelerates the business’ progress.

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Expert skills and predictable results are indicative of the business’ success, and below are a few suggestions for laying down the basis of a successful start-up business.

Hire knowledgeable and experienced individuals

Hiring informed and experienced individuals might be of your particular advantage if you lack sufficient experience and exposure in the industry. It might be of help to hire people who share a similar background, but hiring individuals who are more informed and experienced can be of utmost advantage to ensure that your business flourishes and progresses. They have the core competencies that may be required to ensure the success of your business.

Also, take into consideration your skills and shortcomings while hiring your team. If you are familiar with all the technological details but lack in departments like marketing and sales, you may hire individuals who may offer expertise to compensate these shortcomings.

Prefer hiring individuals you know

Though, it is in no way recommended that you hire relatives and acquaintances who lack the necessary skills to work at your company, but hiring people from a similar background can always be of your advantage. If you are aware of their skills and capabilities, you will find it easier to show confidence in their competencies and resultantly, they might prove to be more productive for your business. Also, they might be better able to contribute towards your success, and if they are familiar with the rest of your team, you may expect better cooperation and teamwork.

Reduce costs

You may also consider the employment of various strategies to reduce your costs and capital requirements. For instance, you may consider working from home to save the cost of renting or purchasing an office space. You may convert a spare room into your workspace, adorning it with suitable furniture or you may find a secluded space in your home to work without any distraction.

Another way to reduce costs is to hireable candidates who may agree to work on a salary that you may find affordable. Also, consider hiring part-timers, and by saving costs, you may be able to meet your other financial requirements.

Business idea

Perhaps, a feasible, functional and unique business idea is the most important factor that contributes towards a start-up’s success. If you plan to establish your own business, observe your target consumers and analyse their needs and requirements. Conduct a market analysis and study the consumer markets segments which are left unexplored.

Identifying the potential market segments, you will be able to ensure that your product or service meets the consumer requirements and you may slightly modify your business idea to add to its functionality and value for the consumers.

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