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7 Bizarre business tactics that work

Discover some of the oddest but most surprisingly effective business tactics you’ll ever read
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/ Last updated on 5th November 2017

Advertising billboards on the subway are weirdly effective forms of advertising.

Imitating the famous strategies of huge corporations may work for your business, but sometimes it is better to stand out and stop following the crowd. There are diverse ways of working that can still help your business achieve new heights. Be courageous and try to adopt these seven bizarre business strategies that might work.

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Delay charging a price for your service

All those years of training in business have taught you that profit maximisation is the key goal of a business. Hearing us say that you should not charge for your services may sound stupid, but it worked for Craig Newmark. The creator of Craigslist designed a free website, and despite its roaring success, the site continues to be free except for certain ad categories. The company now has a net worth of $400 million. That is your proof that this peculiar strategy works. It gives the owner time to build an audience for the business and engage customers.

Help out others

Yes, we’re talking about your competitors. Competition can surely help you stay at the top of your game, but you can also derive benefits from helping your competitors. This way, you can create friends who are there for you if the need arises. These people can also help you get contacts in the industry and make sure you spot the next opportunity.

Sell the product in its unfinished state

Believe it or not, there are customers out there who are willing to pay for an unfinished product or service so that they get to use it earlier than others. Online businesses which create software can benefit the most from this strategy. They can release their unfinished software to zealous customers and can get valuable feedback from them. This feedback can help them tweak the final product before the release date arrives.

Outsourcing various tasks

An excellent way to retrench expenses and boost profits is to outsource a major portion of your business. This can diminish the need to hire people on full-time and save time and money spent on recruitment. Outsourcing tasks to international companies with cheap labour can greatly trim down costs.

Stay physically fit

Treating your body as a business asset may sound strange but it has logic. If you are in poor health, you may not be able to give your business the attention it needs. Keeping track of your diet and exercise can help you to stay fit. Other techniques such as meditation reduce the stress that you are subjected to daily.

Buy a standing-up desk

Sitting in the same posture at your desk for prolonged time periods can affect physical as well as mental health. By using a standing desk, you can avoid the discomfort of sitting around all day. Alongside burning more calories, you can freely move about. You can enhance output by adopting this technique and also perk up mental vigilance.

Dream on!

Dreams can give you impressive ideas that you can replicate in real life. They may also give you hints for solving a problem that has been nagging you throughout the day.

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