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3 Steps to managing your day

Learn how you can use time management and put in place rituals to help you manage your way to a better day
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/ Last updated on 30th October 2017

We feel unfulfilled nowadays as we fail to accomplish all the things we dream about doing in life. Balancing work and social life is quite difficult and trying to attain anything else is almost unthinkable. We must spend the specific number of hours we get each day sensibly to manage everything.

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Prosperous entrepreneurs are skilled in time management, and this can be attributed to the healthy lifestyle they possess. With a lot to accomplish and very little time, you can follow these steps to manage more throughout the day.

1. Time management

Your current approach may appear acceptable but still heaps of precious time is wasted. Stuffing your schedule won’t help, instead sort out and arrange your tasks priority-wise. Formulate a strategy and devise a contingency plan to scrap off useless stuff from your list.

Writing errands down also helps, it saves mental energy in recalling things that need to be done and the brain focuses more on getting them done on time. Furthermore getting up early adds time to your daily routine. Award yourself with breaks after small time intervals; refresh your mind my stretching or walking around.

2. Adopt morning rituals

Morning rituals help to get the mind fired up to deal with the pressure that awaits you. Taking out a specific amount of time every day may seem a lot to take in, but it actually gets the mind warmed up and ready for action. Our brain takes time to cope if we just get up in the morning and head to work. Carrying these rituals out may help to get maximum ticks on that to-do list ergo increasing efficiency.

Start with easy rituals. This makes is simpler to follow and retain them in the long term. These may include walking or cycling to work, meditation, sitting silently for some time in the morning, having a pleasant breakfast, and exercising. All these help to ensure physical health and result in getting tasks accomplished.

3. Transform the way you work

It can be really unfit if a person sits and does work at his desk all day. This hugely reduces output, so as an alternative you can use a standing counter at which you would have to stand in order to get the work done. Adaptable desks with built-in treadmill machines take time to get used to but really help enhance efficiency levels and revive the body and mind.

Many companies now allow their personnel to work from home. They do this because research has shown that working from home increases output per employee. Since workers do not waste time commuting to and from the office, they can start work with a fresh mind which is free from stress caused by traffic and noise pollution. However, there are some drawbacks from working by staying at home, like distractions and house chores. An alternative can be going to the nearest coffee shop and working from there. Sticking to a permanent schedule will allow you to maintain productivity levels and accomplishing tasks. All in all, if you follow a healthy routine with morning rituals and manage time appropriately, you can accomplish a lot in twenty-four hours.

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