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List of business accelerators in the UK

A comprehensive list of startup and business accelerators in the UK, these programs offer investment, training and network access
David Friel

/ Last updated on 20th October 2017

Business accelerators tend to run set courses with investment aiming to grow small businesses in a short space of time, they typically take 5-10% equity in exchange for initial seed funding averaging between £20,000 to £30,000. The programs typically last from 3 months up to a year and offer capital, exposure and access to networks of angel investors and experienced mentors, often their financial value is outweighed by what comes with being on a business acceleration program.

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The programmes can include office space, initial investment, training and network access. They also offer specialised legal support and financial support such as accounting, which can be crucial for the technology businesses that typically take advantage of these accelerators. It is important to carefully research these as for the most part they are highly competitive to get on to.

Business accelerators list


Location: London

Programme: Seedcamp is a hybrid accelerator and investor which can take your company from an idea to a fully functioning product or service. They accept highly scalable technology companies onto the program in a range of areas, they are focused on Europe. Seedcamp has a focus on founders first and ensuring transparency while accelerating the learning process and company life-cycle.

Investment Level/ Equity : €75k for 7%, 3% via a Warrant, other options for investment

Program Length: 3 months.

Seedcamp Companies: eMoov, Gaming Live TV, Wordy – you can see an entire list on a third party website here.

Contact/Apply:  Seedcamp have a user-friendly ‘Apply’ page, where you can view upcoming events here, they also have a contact page with a nice web form here.

Accelerator London

Location: London

Programme: Accelerator London is an ICT & Multi-Media accelerator program offering two types of incubation for Early-Stage and Pre-Stage (business plan) businesses.  As well as incubation, they offer 2-day intensive boot camps for companies. They can even offer you a prestigious address for your business.

Investment/Equity: You are expected to pay for the services you receive as Accelerator London will put you in contact with potential investors.

Program Length: Typical incubation lasts 3-4 years. Tech City Bootcamp lasts 2 days.

Accelerator London Companies: You can find a list of companies here.

Contact/Apply: For incubation, click here. For all other enquiries, click here.

Oxygen Accelerator

Location: Birmingham & London (Google Campus)

Programme: Oxygen Accelerator is available to any company around the world, suited to technology start-ups. The programme is set into 3 core phases and they can even help you with accommodation. Please note: you should visit this page before applying.

Investment/Equity: €21,000 max for 8% equity. For programme fees, see here.

Programme Length: 13 Weeks Oxygen Companies: iGBL, PhotoPitch, Baacco – Full list found here.

Contact/Apply: On-line form here, all other contact details here.

Dotforge Accelerator

Location: Sheffield

Programme: DotForge is a 3 stage accelerator programme aiding Pre-Seed companies with capital, education and a comfortable environment. As well as helping to set up your company with potential clients and prepare to raise future rounds from investors.

Investment/Equity: Known upon application.

Programme Length: Known upon application.

Contact/Apply: See this page here.

Ignite 100

Location: UK wide (Includes Newcastle, London..)

Programme: Ignite 100 offer a comprehensive programme from concept ideas to Later-Stage companies in the software industry. The programme includes the use of workspace for 6 months. They also partner up with Northstar Ventures for follow-on funding.

Investment/Equity: £18,000 for 6-9% (Last reported, unconfirmed though as of 2017)

Programme Length: 14 Weeks.

Ignite 100 companies:, Rentecarlo, Velo Trainer – a full list can be found halfway down this page here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details are at the bottom of their main page here.

Entrepreneurial Spark

Location: Scotland

Programme: ESpark accepts applicants from the idea stage to those who have been running for up to 4 years (£1,000,000 turnover), offering a free service for a 2-tier accelerator process. The programme begins with a 3-day boot camp.

Investment/Equity: Entrepreneurial Spark doesn’t offer investments, or ask for equity.

Programme Length: 6 months with the ability to apply for a further 12 months.

ESpark Companies: Not known.

Contact/Apply: Visit this page here.

Emerge Education

Location: London

Programme: Emerge Education are an accelerator for the education industry. They work from initial idea start-ups, to Early-stage (dependant). No business plan necessary, you just need to fill in their on-line application form.

Investment/Equity: £40,000 – 100,000

Programme Length: 3 months.

Emerge Companies: Edhub, Ellumia, Lexicum – a full list can be found between the ‘Team’ and ‘Mentors’ tab on their page here.

Contact/Apply: You can apply here.

Qi3 Accelerator

Location: Cambridge

Programme: Qi3 work by having your product, or service, rapidly commercialised for the technology/product industry. Working with seed and early-stage companies.

Investment/Equity: Not known.

Programme Length: 2-day boot camp, or a year-long partnership with ideaSpace.

Qi3 Companies: isotera, Lintbells, Lumejet – a full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: E-mail or call +44 (0)1223 422404.

Bethnal Green Ventures

Location: London

Programme: Bethnal Green invest in technology designed to better the world. Providing an accelerator programme for early-stage companies that must fit the criteria of being able to aid millions of people.

Investment/Equity: £20,000 for 6% equity.

Programme Length: 3 months.

Bethnal Green Companies: Good Gym, Fluency, Meetup – a full list can be found at the bottom of this page here.

Contact/Apply: Apply here with further contact details here.


Location: London

Programme: Collider consider distributable technology platforms for all start-ups that are SEIS ready and under 2 years old, and a limited company in the UK. With 10 start-ups per programme.

Investment/Equity: £50,000 for 11% equity after 4 months, 5 start-ups will be offered £100,000 for another 11% equity and 8 months’ support. Costs £10,000 initial and another £10,000 for further 8 months. (Updates coming soon on the figures above, March 2017)

Programme Length: 4 months to 1 year.

Collider Companies: Stash Metrics, Sumo Insight, Living Lens – the full list can be found at the bottom of their page here.

Contact/Apply: Apply here, more contact details here.

JLAB (John Lewis)

Location: London

Programme: JLAB is partnered with John Lewis, so they offer the same level of expertise as you’d find at one of their stores. The incubator, itself, is fairly standard, but with an amazing prize – £100,000 as well the chance to supply John Lewis.

Investment/Equity: Unspecified investment fromt the JLAB fund.

Programme length: 15 weeks.

Portfolio: Musaic, Localz, Tap2Connect

Contact/Apply: Click contact on the main page for a pop uup.

The Bakery

Location: Slough, Greater London

Programme: The bakery runs an intensive course which brings the brands to the start-ups.

Investment/Equity: £50,000 for 5% (Unsure if this is still running March 2017)

Programme Length: 8 Weeks.

Portfolio: Not known, although there is a vague list of companies they’ve worked with.

Contact/Apply: Click this link here.

Startupbootcamp Fin Tech

Location: London

Programme: The programme is a financial services based programme in London for 10 selected startups with access to at least 200 successful entrepreneurs.

Investment/Equity: €15,000 including €550,000 free services for 8%

Programme Length: 3 months.

Portfolio: Friendly Score, Creditable, InvoiceSharing – a full list can be found by scrolling down on their page here.

Barclays Accelerator (Run by Techstars)

Location: London, New York, Cape Town, Tel Aviv

Programme: If you want initial funding, it makes sense to go to a bank, right? Barclays run the programme for startups, individual or company with no limit on size in the technology industry.

Investment/Equity: 6% equity stake taken by Techstars, unknown equity amount. Assume similar to their London program.

Programme Length: 15 weeks.

Portfolio: Not Known.

Contact/Apply: To get in contact, click here.

Distill Ventures

Location: London

Programme: Distill Ventures run a programme especially for drinks companies. They offer two different types of accelerators, we’ll focus on seed. For more information on growth, click here.

Investment/Equity: £175,000 investment – £45,000 course fee. For an undisclosed amount of equity.

Portfolio: Not known.

Contact/Apply: Click (or tap) here to apply.

EcoMachines Incubator

Location: London

Programme: The programme is open to companies which focus on green technology such as energy efficiency, water, waste, materials, transport, smart cities, industrials and power generation
Investment/Equity: £100,000 for undisclosed amount of equity.

Programme Length: 3-9 months.

Portfolio: Recycling Technologies, Q-Bot, Rotary EcoMachines – List here.

Emerge Venture Lab

Location: London

Programme: Expert-led bootcamps in London and Oxford for pre-seed ventures that tackle social problems.

Investment/Equity: Not Known.

Programme Length: 4 months.

Portfolio: Workingrite, Spice, Maslaha – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Tweet | E-mail |Call on 020 8980 6263 | All other contact details are on the bottom of this page here.

Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme

Location: London

Programme: A programme for biotech and clean-tech (climate-related) to help build and grow your company.

Investment/Equity: Between €20,000 and €50,000 for an unknown amount of equity.

Programme Length: 12-18 months.

Portfolio: Adaptricity, Agromet (Italian) – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact here.

WebStart Bristol

Note: Pivoted to a business incubator, we’re unsure if their still providing funding and a set program. 

Location: Bristol

Programme: WebStart will take on 10 start-ups who are web based with a direct link to Bristol per programme. They run 3 programmes per year.

Investment/Equity: £10,000 for 10% equity.

Programme Length: 10 weeks.

WebStart Companies: Not known.

Contact/Apply: Apply here.

Beta Foundry

Note: Beta foundry appears to have now closed. 

Location: Oxford

Programme: Beta Foundry run a start-up accelerator programme for Oxford students and alumni, however only one member of the team need to have this connection. Primarily based in technology, as long as there is potential for growth, your company may be considered. They also offer benefits such as £10,000 worth of RackSpace credit and the best team win a trip to San Francisco.

Investment/Equity: £5,000 plus over £20,000 of benefits for 5-10% of equity.

Programme Length: 2-week boot camp to begin then 2 months.

Beta Companies: Not known.

Contact/Apply: Apply here, or contact here.

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