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Understanding Americans expressions in the workplace

Learn how to decipher the expressions your American colleagues are using and look like a genius
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/ Last updated on 30th October 2017

American culture exampled by the head of American bald eagle set against a black background with a bright yellow beak

The United Kingdom (UK) and the United states (US) have been close partners for years when it comes to politics but also when it comes to business. With this has come an exchange of culture, ideas and even language across the pond.

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Understanding Americans

Although in the UK we share a common language with America, there are many differences when it comes to dialogue and verbal expression. These differences in language are even more prevalent in business culture, where Americanisms and American expressions can be at times difficult to understand.

Fortunately the team over at Foothold America have put together some of the most common American business expressions and their definitions in a quick info-graphic, so don’t let the grass grow and make sure you can understand Americans on the office today (you’ll have to read below to find out what that means).

Provided by Foothold America

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