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Age of mobile: 4 ways to adapt your content marketing strategy

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2014 was the first year in history that saw mobile internet usage exceed that of a PC. Overall, people now spend more time interacting with apps and surfing the web via phone than they do in front of their computer. Websites are starting to take notice. Why mobile matters On April 21, 2015, the world’s biggest search engine released a long-awaited, mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. Dubbed ‘The Mobilegeddon’ by anxious webmasters everywhere, the update promised to discriminate against websites improperly optimised for the small screen, by ostracising them from the mobile search results. Hundreds of thousands of sites were affected, and ... Read more

3 Effortless ways to optimise your landing page

No self-respecting inbound marketing strategy is complete without a landing page or twenty. But how do you make the darn thing convert? Lead generation is constantly evolving and with it the hallmarks of what makes an effective landing page. Related: How to get your website noticed To help you hone that sales funnel, here’s our 3-step guide to landing page optimisation: 1. Revamp your Call to Action: Position the CTA above the fold. That way, your visitors are instantly acquainted with your offer and don’t have to scroll down to uncover it. Remove all choices but one. There should be ... Read more

4 simple steps to effective blogger outreach

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Like it or not, bloggers are the digital gatekeepers of your target audience. If you want to make your product instantly known to any online community, being inaugurated by a relevant industry writer is usually a must. Still, effective blogger outreach remains a mystery for most aspiring entrepreneurs. No matter how many polished press releases they send out, it’s always radio silence on the other end. To help you get the word out, here’s a simple 4-step guide to building long-lasting relationships with any writer online: Step #1: Do due diligence Assuming you already know your target audience, the first ... Read more

How to quickly grow your Instagram followers (in 4 easy steps)

For whatever unfounded reason, most companies still completely ignore Instagram when building their social media strategy. With over 400 million monthly users and by far the highest per-follower engagement rate, it’s about time we start considering Instagram, a vital part of the corporate ‘social media bundle’. With that in mind, here are 4 foolproof ways to quickly grow your Instagram followers, and turn your idle community into raving fans of your brand: 1. Overuse your #’s Instagram hashtags are a content marketer’s dream come true, times 30. When it comes to how many hashtags you should use, the more, the ... Read more

What is SEO and why you should care

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Ever wondered just how some websites get on the first page of Google for a specific search query? If so, you’ve already witnessed SEO at work. Ask ten online marketing experts what SEO is, and you’ll get ten different answers. Related: Get your website noticed Overall, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) can be described as a set of techniques for improving your website’s organic (or unpaid) visibility on search engines for a certain query. To most folks, it’s simply a way of optimising your web page, so it ranks higher on Google (as well as Bing, Yahoo, etc.) for ... Read more

How to test your business idea fast!

It happens to everyone. You’re walking down a proverbial street and see someone struggling with a mundane everyday task. Channelling your inner telemarketer, you think to yourself: ‘there must be an easier way to do that.’ Related: 100 business ideas A few hours later, an obligatory ‘Aha!’ moment ensues. You think you found the perfect solution, come up with the perfect idea, but being the serious entrepreneur that you are (go you), you’re not yet sure if the market will agree. So now there you are, facing a business dilemma of your own. You may be onto something, but don’t ... Read more

Raise awareness of your company’s brand with freebies

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Regardless of the industry or type of company, the objective is always the same: to develop a positive relationship with consumers and establish a strong holding in the market as a leader. There are many ways in which companies go about this, including offering high-quality products and services, providing exceptional customer service and strong advertising techniques. One particularly effective form of advertising your brand is the use of promotional products, and the way you go about doing this can often change people’s perception of your brand for the better. Everybody loves free stuff Printed promotional merchandise is a great way ... Read more

Green Alley Award – is your startup green enough to win?

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Getting funding for green initiatives has always been difficult, especially if you’re a startup in Europe. In recent years though the tides have started to turn with the rise of eco-friendly funds and a lot more grant availability. As part of this wave of endeavours supporting eco-entrepreneurs, the Green Alley Award launched last year by green economy investor Green Alley backed by some strong players including Bethnal Green Ventures, Seedmatch and the European Recycling Platform. The competition is focused on supporting green startups in the circular economy. Green Alley welcomes all ideas/startups that can shift waste into a resource. “We want to connect start-ups ... Read more

Promoting your local business? Here are 30 tips to help you succeed

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To all those awesome entrepreneurs out there: Don’t forget these 30 tips when promoting your local business! Those businesses with an employee who does all the marketing or businesses that have a full marketing and sales department may find this rudimentary, but most entrepreneurs and small company owners who are more directly involved in marketing their businesses should find this to be a useful source of information and ideas. If you’re aiming to promote your business locally, it’s in your best interest to add levels of connection to existing relationships. You will be able to count on your local businesses ... Read more

How to start up Twitter for your startup in 9 steps

Ok, so you know about Twitter, but you’re not sure exactly where to start. We want to pass on some tips that helped us turn Twitter into our key social networking platform. This article is all about putting your startup on Twitter, but you can apply the same steps to building up your personal brand on the social network. 1. To Twitter or not to Twitter The first thing to ask yourself is: does my startup even need Twitter? The answer is simple. If your target audience is on Twitter, you should definitely be joining the tweeters. A good place to start is by ... Read more

10 European tech entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

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Getting into the European startup scene and want to hear what’s going on from the people who know it best? Here’s a list of some of the most influential tech entrepreneurs in Europe, in no particular order. If you’re new to Twitter, make sure to have a look at these 9 steps to set up your Twitter account for getting lots of followers. Robert Gentz  – CEO at Zalando Twitter handle: @RMGentz Robert Gentz founded his company in 2008 at the tender age of 23. Zalando is an e-commerce platform mainly for shoes. The venture is valued at 6.8 billion euros and employs more than 5,000 people. ... Read more

Startup CMO’s: 5 ways to stop the sky from falling

In a startup team, there are no places to hide. There’s also no way you can scream without everyone hearing you. Landing a gig as a startup CMO, marketing executive or co-founder with “business” responsibilities (marketing, sales, etc.) – all of which I will put under the “CMO” label for the purposes of this article – might sound pretty sweet, but the reality is a lot of hard graft. Also, for this article, we will focus on early stage startups: post-accelerator and seed-funded startups. This is the most interesting and most vulnerable point in growth trajectory. Here are a few ... Read more