Raise awareness of your company’s brand with freebies


Regardless of the industry or type of company, the objective is always the same: to develop a positive relationship with consumers and establish a strong holding in the market as a leader. There are many ways in which companies go about this, including offering high-quality products and services, providing exceptional customer service and strong advertising techniques. One particularly effective form of advertising your brand is the use of promotional products, and the way you go about doing this can often change people’s perception of your brand for the better.

Everybody loves free stuff

Printed promotional merchandise is a great way to gain the attention of the public. There’s no denying that everybody enjoys freebies. Customers will appreciate the gesture, and in turn, your brand receives repeated exposure and endorsement every time the recipient uses your item. When recipients hold on to and regularly use your product, you are establishing your brand and increasing the likelihood they will do business with you in the future.

Make your presence known

Promotional products can be used as an effective way to establish your presence or highlight your involvement in certain events, such as conventions and other public fora. Passing out branded merchandise exposes recipients to your brand, and allows them to become more familiar with your products and services, particularly if you are seen as supporting the same causes. Use giveaways to help spread the word, as your presence is undeniable when members of the public are carrying, wearing or using your promotional items everywhere they go.

Choosing the right product

To get the best possible results from distributing promotional merchandise, it is important to choose the right product to send out the right message. Consider several factors before determining what could be used best including budget, target market, time of the year – holiday season for example – to name a few. If you get this right, clients are bound to sit up and notice your brand.
Choosing the wrong product can be detrimental as it will go unnoticed or unappreciated – losing its effectiveness as a marketing tool and giving the impression that you have no clear strategy. Always choose a product that directly relates to your industry and appeals to the likes and interests of your target market. Some examples are described below.

  • Technology – companies in the technology industry would benefit from using interesting gadgets and electronics as promotional items. Portable speakers, headphones, USB sticks, or electronic accessories such as laptop cases, mouse pads, external keyboards and other similar handy items are likely to be well received by the recipient.
  • Sports and Recreation – these businesses may better benefit from using promotional products more directed at outdoor or active living, such as water bottles, hats, sports bags and other items that are useful when outdoors or participating in various activities.
  • Corporate Environment – those in the business sector are always looking for tools to increase efficiency or help them stay organised. These types businesses should consider items that include mobile phone and laptop accessories, desktop calendars, mugs, stationery items just to name a few.

Work with the best

Whatever product you choose to market your brand, choose to work with the best. With a little creative thinking and expert advice from leading suppliers in the branding industry, such as Outstanding Branding, coming up with the perfect promotional giveaway item is simple and easier than you think.