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Improve your sales record with these 10 websites

A list of the best blogs with advice on improving your sales strategy, technique and overall sales results
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/ Last updated on 30th October 2017

It doesn’t matter what you sell, it’s HOW you sell it. You need to knock the competition out of the way and keep ahead with the sales. Having a good salary and also being an excellent salesperson is a hefty job. A person must try his best to do justice to his job, but it isn’t that easy in group conditions, as some teammates may not be as good as the others. Below is a list of websites that provide valuable insight on recruitment, performance, prospecting, social selling, and leadership qualities.

The Funnelholic

The Funnelholic blog was created by Craig Rosenberg, who is a sales consultant and entrepreneur. It highlights current articles, which include topics about social selling, cold calling, startup selling, sales leadership, etc. The blogs share Craig Rosenberg’s view on industry trends and some of the most popular practices.

Selling Power Blog

Created by Gerhard Gschwandtner, this Selling Power Blog is renowned for Sales 2.0 Conference series. It is a platform with advice on selling skills, sales organising, recruitment and presentations followed by social media, mindset, inspiration and innovation.

Partners in Excellence Blog

The broadly renowned leader in sales, Dave Brock, created the partners in excellence blog. He provides consultations to clients from industrial tycoons like IBM, HP, Nokia, Microsoft and many small businesses as well. Dave Broke started off as a salesperson, slowly achieving ranks in bigger corporate giants and then becoming an independent consultant. His massive understanding helps him get a greater audience.

What’s In Your Pipeline?

The what’s in your pipeline blog is for corporate sales professionals. The website is owned by Tibor Shanto, who has 25 years of experience and has been given a place in seven top sales list in 2010 and 2012, shares the views on sales methods, sales training, marketing with executives and pricing.

Score More Sales

Score More Sales was founded by Lori Richardson, who has expertise in selling B2B tech, Score More Sales has received widespread success. Lori Richardson is one of the 20 recognised ‘Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management’ (2012 and 2013) and has worked in companies like Apple, IBM, HP and Siemens. She delivers phenomenal articles on lead generation, reaching prospects, social selling and how to be successful in sales.


Radio host and the blogger, Todd Schnick uses Intrepid to talk about sales and other related topics here. His innovative thinking has helped him achieve many great things: He is a book author, radio show producer, and speaker.

Chaos in My Head

Chaos in My Head is managed by Tim Ohai, who emphasises on unity in teammates. He also discusses unpopular topics such as credibility, detours and wrecked relationships.

A Sales Guy

On A Sales Guy Keenan shows how easy selling and branding can be.  He writes articles with effective headlines and his take on sales is simply jaw dropping.

Sales Productivity Blog: Sell Smart

The Sales Productivity Blog is operated by Nancy Nardin, this website provides interviews of sales experts and blogs of sales productivity. Her blog achieved the Silver medal for the category Top Sales and Marketing Blogs 2012 by Top Sales & Marketing Awards and the International Blogging Award 2013 by Best Sales Blogger Awards.

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