May 2016
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LinkedIn, it’s time to go all in.

In the years before subscription based shavers and socks, Facebook (FB) was a great land where marketers could work hard and grow huge followings. Then as many people will know this all changed, Facebook began to update its [...]

Content TeamContent Team

Google, Common-Sense & SEO

With Raja Saggi, the UK/Ireland head of marketing for Google soon to speak at the Business Show on his 5 tips for DM success, we thought it’d be a good idea to give a bit of a warm up on SEO. First off as the title suggests, much of SEO/ gaining decent search rankings is common sense. It still amazes me the amount of people who, when [...]

David FrielDavid Friel

Deal with angry customers

We have all been angry customers. We have also had to deal with angry customers. A customer can be anyone who has been involved in a transaction or deal. Such transactions or deals need not be confined to the world of business and indeed it is more accessible to generalise. An angry customer is someone who feels that the transaction or [...]

Freddie BirleyFreddie Birley

How to Succeed at Networking Events

Networking can prove to be a huge challenge for even the most social of us. There are many different behaviours, social cues and personal skills that need to be used in order to make the most out of any networking event for you and for your business. You may feel as though you need to be an extrovert in order to maximise your impact, but [...]

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