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Going Social and Partnering Up with the United Nations

Private companies often play a pivotal role in hustling collaboration in development. More and more entrepreneurs take their companies into the ‘social’ zone to help the United Nations tackle problems facing the global community. Here are three examples of international companies working with leading United Nations agencies. Within the United Nations system, partnerships have bloomed […] Read More »

Video Conferencing – The Future of Business Communication

Videoconferencing – also known as visual collaboration – is becoming increasingly important to businesses. As recent research carried out by Redshift shows, videoconferencing is likely to take over email and conference calls as the preferred method of communication for businesses in the next three years. The popularity of videoconferencing is on the rise amongst businesses as they begin to reap the […] Read More »

Top 10 TED Videos for Marketers

In an era where one post on social media could make you or break you as a business, it has never been more important to think outside of the box. Sometimes giving up control is, in fact, the best way of getting the desired outcome. In today’s economy, marketers can’t afford to be control freaks. […] Read More »

10 Reasons Unified Communications Increases Productivity

A key to every successful business is productivity. Good business owners are always looking for ways to increase productivity and implement technological advances to get the job done more efficiently. This is where Unified Communications comes in. The term Unified Communications – UCs from now on – refers to the integration of real-time communication services, […] Read More »