5 Tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively

Linkedin Logo on white background

We live in a new world that is now dominated by social media networks and the internet. So why not take advantage of the technology and use it to land your dream job? A lot of people have heard of LinkedIn, but not many were able to take advantage of it yet. LinkedIn is powerful yet awfully underrated social media network that when used right can get you to the job you always dreamed of sooner than you might have thought.

1. Highlight your most impressive skills

On LinkedIn, you should highlight your most impressive skills and the skills that you know are needed the most in the market that you want to penetrate. Unlike your paper CV, people can certify to your skills and abilities on LinkedIn by endorsing it.

2. Treat your profile as you would your CV

Apart from the basic things that you would put on your actual CV, LinkedIn allows you to elaborate further. LinkedIn is truly versatile, and it lets you add a little bit of your personality in your profile. It’s more personalised than a paper CV. You can use the extra features space to express what you are most passionate about and elaborate on your professional, educational and personal achievements, something that you cannot do with your regular CV. You can also include your previous publications, article, portfolio and presentations on your LinkedIn profile for future employers and connections to view.

3. Use it for research

LinkedIn is a great place to know more about the people in the company that you are going for an interview in. A hiring manager might do this themselves, look up your social media profiles and try to make out your character based on what you share online. So why not do the same? Look up the hiring manager’s LinkedIn profile and find anything that you can use to make a connection during the interview. You will be able to gauge what he or she would find pleasant to know during the interview based on his or her background and experiences.

4. Keep track of your dream company

You can follow your dream company’s LinkedIn profile and get to know what sort of people they hire. You will be able to get a deeper look into what are their educational backgrounds, how much experience they had before joining the company and whether or not you have the necessary skill set they require. Aside from that, you can also connect and interact with their employees and create strong connections that you can use later on if you ever decide to apply for the company.

5. Build a network

Social media networks were built on the premise of connecting and networking. Use it for what it’s made for! Create networks, expand your networks and make use of them for advice or references. You will need a minimum of 50-60 connections to be able to make the best use of your LinkedIn profile. Work on having more connections, this will increase your chances of being suggested to other LinkedIn users.