Event marketing and planning mistakes to avoid

Learn how you can avoid the common mistakes most people make when planning and marketing events

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Planning an event especially for business can be a very tricky endeavour, here are some of the critical mistakes you should avoid ensuring a successful event.

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Too much or too little catering

To underestimate and overestimate the catering needed for an event is one of the most common mistakes we see. Attendees won’t have a good experience if there are not enough refreshments and on the other side, an overestimation could blow a hole in your budget as catering is one of the largest and often overlooked costs. As a final note, if your event is over lunch, breakfast or dinner, you need to serve food!

Miscalculating staff required

At an event there needs to be someone greeting and registering new arrivals and speakers, staff on catering, AV, depending on the layout people to direct, people to sell and the list goes on. It’s common for people to forget basic staff needs or to miscalculate it. Make sure you’ve seen the venue beforehand, and you’ve worked out how many staff members you’ll need for the event to run smoothly.

Seasonal timing

We’ve spoken about days and times that work in event strategies, but often event failures can be put down to hosting an event on an entirely wrong time of the year. In general, avoid bank holidays, half terms, Christmas, Easter, as a further example don’t run an accountancy focused event at the end of the financial year, or don’t run an event for retailers close to Christmas as they’ll be busy selling.

Not choosing an easy to reach venue

With events in London especially, we’ve often seen that having a tube stop nearby can make the difference between people coming to your event or not. Make sure you’re near a major public transport hub if you’re hosting the event in a city, that there’s ample parking if needed and that you give clear directions to the venue.

Not standing out from the crowd

It’s critical that your event stands out from the rest, you need to give people a reason to take time out of their busy schedules to attend your event. Don’t have a boilerplate topic, choose your speakers carefully and make sure it’s a creative theme and format. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but you need to be on topic, trendy and relevant.

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