The top 10 TED Talks on entrepreneurial success stories


Have a crazy idea you think will never make it? Are you an entrepreneur living in a post-conflict zone? Or are you simply incredibly passionate about something and you’ve made it your goal to achieve it?

Launching a business can be a challenging yet exciting undertaking, and notching up an entrepreneurial success is a great accomplishment. This is why we have selected 10 inspiring, stirring and – why not? – fun TED Talks on Entrepreneurial Success Stories. Whether you are a 12-year old teenager with a passion for apps or an entrepreneur with decades of experience, you will be enraptured by every story remarkable people like you have to share.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Gayle Tzemach Lemmon – Women entrepreneurs, example not exception

In her compelling speech on women’s empowerment, reporter Gayle Tzemach Lemmon reveals eye-opening and inspiring examples of resilience in post-conflict zones. Here women are everything but micro-ambitious: they are at the forefront of emerging markets and aim high at economic development for their countries.


Natalie Warne – Being young and making an impact

Natalie Warne takes us step-by-step through her life and how she became the youngest activist for Invisible Children at the age of 17. Standing in front of young people like her, she prompts every extraordinary person out there to make a difference for others, regardless of age.


Thomas Suarez – A 12-year-old app developer

A source of inspiration, twelve-year-old Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create apps and successfully designed the teen-popular Bustin Jieber app. Don’t feel too bad for yourselves because of his age – he is an example of how creativity and confidence in your ideas can produce tangible outcomes.


Jimmy Wales – The birth of Wikipedia

Wikipedia creator Jimmy Wales shares how a radical idea combined with a ‘ragtag band of volunteers’ turned into the world’s most used online source of information. A success story that owes its success not only to its founder but also to its volunteers, who passionately contribute to writing, editing and reviewing informational material.


Majora Carter – 3 Stories of local eco-entrepreneurship

Majora Carter proves her practical and comprehensive grasp of climate and economic growth connections as she shares three eco-friendly success stories of entrepreneurship. In her constant effort to push for the greater good, she reminds us how doing worthwhile jobs that improve the quality of life locally and are socially inclusive, can help achieve positive change.



Maya Penn – Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist

Most teens watch cartoons and go shopping with their parents. Yet, Maya Penn has been making animated books since she was three and started her own eco-friendly clothes business at the age of eight. She accompanies us with her charm through images of cartoons and her creations to prompt us into putting our heart into what we do.


Ludwick Marishane – A bath without water

Ludwick Marishane created a product that is convenient for some and life-saver for others just because…he did not want to bathe! DryBath is a time-efficient, eco-friendly, and money-saving lotion that could help save 80 million litres of water, just be kids around the world skipping their baths. Pretty amazing right?


Dale Dougherty – We are makers

Can I do it? Can it be done? Dale Dougherty’s answer to this question is yes because we are all put-it-togetherers. In other words, makers. Amateurs who create new products just for the fun and love of it, and enjoy the challenge and effort required. So boost up your confidence and risk: anything from a scraper bike to DIY satellites can be made if you set your mind to it.


Bill Gross – The single biggest reason why startups succeed

Freddie Mercury used to sing ‘Time waits for nobody’, and in the startup world, this couldn’t be more true. Having higher success ratio is every startup’s goal, but Bill Gross warns against the backfiring results if time-management is not carefully taken into consideration. Being able to understand whether customers are prepared for your product can be crucial to avoid failing within a year of creation.


Richard Branson – Life at 30,000 feet

Founder of Virgin trademark Richard Branson, engages in a persuasive and enjoyable talk with TED’s curator Chris Anderson about the course of his career, from his bizarre ‘Virgin’ products to his breath-taking life experiences – and shares the power that unique bigger visions and motivation can have.