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What benefits can cloud bring to workforce management?

Having the right tools and technology in place is essential for any business serious about growing and even more so for those looking to achieve rapid growth. The commercial, operational and financial aspects of any business are all areas where advances in technology are having a huge impact. The advent of cloud computing, coupled with big data and mobile technology, means it’s easier than ever for businesses to optimise the way they operate and have more ‘intelligence’ on how they are performing. Whether it’s a CRM system like Salesforce, inbound marketing software like HubSpot or workforce management software like Quinyx, ... Read more

The safety of your data is in your own hands

When you think of phone theft, you might think of someone physically stealing your mobile. However, with our whole lives now saved to our phones, we should be more concerned with identity hackers stealing our personal information, not just the phone itself. While it might feel secure to use a Wi-Fi hotspot in a café, there is always a possibility your private information has been hacked into, and this is very often way more valuable than your wallet or keys. Our phones have become an extension of ourselves, almost like having an extra limb. A Norton report from 2013 shows ... Read more

Top 10 marketing automation tools for small businesses

Marketing automation can be an incredible time and money saver for any business. It allows employees to remove the human error element and to use their time on other tasks. It’s also effective for streamlining several areas of your marketing campaign such as: creating consistency in your branding message, generating quicker response times and tracking valuable customer data to improve targeted marketing strategies and more. Related: How to get your website noticed You can automate web content, email, social media and SMS. If you’d like to automate all of these areas you might want to consider a suite program. If ... Read more

source{d} connects with 3 developers a minute

What originally started as Tyba, an Airbnb for the startup jobs market which is still successfully running has given birth to something quite special, source{d}. Originally conceived to find the Tyba team better developers, source{d} quickly evolved into a business in its own right that allows companies to find the right developers for them, based on logic and most importantly code. We spoke to Eiso, the CEO of sourced to find out more and what’s in the works. Related: Get your ideal startup job How did source{d} begin? source{d} was originally conceived by our VP of Engineering. He was looking ... Read more

The importance of personas and user journeys

If you want to build a valued product that you can be sure your customers will love, you first need to understand who your customer is. Behaviour, motivations and needs are all factors that need to be discovered in order to create the correct journey. Related: Create a great website Key takeaways: Understanding the customer saves time in the long run; By understanding the persona, it will be a lot easier to build a great product; For some companies, there will need to be multiple personas and user journeys as they serve different needs. These can be categorised by the persona’s background and ... Read more

It’s no typo: Microsoft acquires SwiftKey for $250m

Following a few days worth of rumours, Microsoft announced yesterday that it has acquired SwiftKey, a London-based startup behind one of the most popular ‘predictive’ keyboard apps on the market. Although specific terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, most analysts put the deal value as just below $250 million. Several reports also claim Microsoft secured the deal amid several other prospective buyers including Apple, as of recently ‘only’ the second most valuable company in the world. There are several reasons why the acquisition likely makes sense for the PC giant. For one, it’s certainly not the first time Microsoft’s attempted to ... Read more

Move over Apple: Alphabet is now the world’s most valuable company

Editor’s note 2017: Alphabet Inc now has a market value of aprox. $839 billion, not bad. Alphabet Inc., Google’s recently-formed parent company, hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet and it’s already the richest kid on the playground. After handing in a surprisingly strong earnings report for the last quarter of 2015, Alphabet is now officially the most valuable company in the world. Although Google is formally a subsidiary of Alphabet, the umbrella company still draws 99% of its revenue from its core Google businesses. With a market cap of almost $570 billion, this report also marks the first time ... Read more

This week in Twitter: New character limit, interactive ads and… headphones?

The folks at Twitter are already hard at work on their New Year’s resolutions. In less than a week since we said goodbye to 2015, the company has announced (or teased) 3 major projects currently in development. All changes seemingly aim to attract fresh blood to the platform, both regular users and brands exploring new marketing opportunities. So without further adieu: 1. 10k character tweets are coming (maybe) Bloggers and prolific ranters everywhere, rejoice. According to a new report, Twitter might considerably expand its trademark 140-character limit within the next three months. The new ceiling? A whooping 10,000 characters or ... Read more

Meet Pine A64, the $15 super computer

When Raspberry Pi was first introduced back in 2012, it set the tech world ablaze. Everyone from die-hard coding fanatics to school teachers embraced the budget microcomputer, which quickly matured into one of Britain’s fastest-selling computer brands. The most recent contender in the single-board computer arena, Pine A64 feels like the Raspberry Pi’s faster, better-looking cousin from overseas. Armed with an impressive spec sheet and a ridiculously low price tag, this pocket-sized circuit board wants to be the new sheriff in town. Judging by the first look, the badge is very much his for the taking. How it compares Labelled ... Read more

4 Essential gadgets for the modern-day business traveller

On the road again? Living the frequent flyer life can take its toll on the best of us, no matter how much you love those in-flight peanuts. So why make it harder on yourself? Here’s our countdown of 4 must-have travel gadgets every businessman should own. 1. ‘Smart’ Luggage The days of analogue carry-ons are over. Bluesmart describes itself as ‘the world’s first smart luggage’, and we’re pretty sure it would beat our travel bag at chess. Raising over $2 million on Indiegogo, this internationally-sized carry-on can be controlled directly from your phone, via the Bluesmart app. Forget about smart ... Read more

Interview with Alex Stephany, CEO of JustPark

Editor’s update: Justpark has grown in excess of 1 million customers since this interview. (1 April 2017) Europe’s provider of pre-bookable parking JustPark allows drivers access to 150,000 underused parking spaces all over the UK hassle-free thanks to their website and app. We talked to Alex Stephany, CEO of JustPark about his unique career change and asked advice for those wishing to take on entrepreneurship as a career path. Related: Find a startup job What’s JustPark all about?  And what makes it unique? Give us a brief summary of your business model and key selling points. JustPark is taking parking into ... Read more

Interview with Steli Efti,

Editor’s note: Close is still going and no capital has been raised publicly since 2013, it appears to be sustainable player/contender in the CRM space. (1 April 2017) Steli has been an entrepreneur since the age of 17. At the age of 23, he bought a one-way ticket to Silicon Valley. He made it into YCombinator and is now the co-founder of, a SaaS solution that helps people to close more deals. Today, Steli is also one of the most in-demand Sales Hustlers in Silicon Valley. We interviewed Steli to find out more about his interesting and compelling story. ... Read more