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Telemarketing vs email marketing

Lead generation has drastically changed over the years, and the process of contacting leads and best practices are constantly in flux. Method-wise our first point of call is contacting a prospect by e-mail initially, but many firms still operate by calling directly as the first point of contact, so what’s the difference and more importantly, what’s better? Related: Cold calling – don’t shiver, deliver! Telemarketing Odds are you’ve received an unexpected call at some point in your life where someone is trying to sell you something. Many telemarketing lead generation firms still operate in this way but times have changed, ... Read more

What are qualified leads?

In lead generation, leads are companies who have expressed interest in your specific offering (product or service). Qualified leads also have expressed interest but also meet certain criteria set by you to gauge their level of interest and ability to purchase your product or service. Qualifying leads is a great way to understand the value in your sales pipeline at any one point and make sure your sales team is focused on closing high-value leads. Typically when dealing with lead generation there are two major types of leads. Marketing qualified lead (MQL) Can be defined as a prospect who has expressed ... Read more

What is lead generation?

Lead generation (also referred to colloquially as lead gen) is the process of driving and capturing interest in a product or service with the purpose of driving sales. A lead by itself is a potential client who is qualified and interested in your product or service and is what we call sales ready, that is ready to start being sold into a product or service. Lead generation as a process has changed drastically over the years. It’s now common for multiple marketing/sales channels to be used to create/capture leads. These most popular channels for lead gen include telephone, direct e-mail, PPC and ... Read more

3 Effortless ways to optimise your landing page

No self-respecting inbound marketing strategy is complete without a landing page or twenty. But how do you make the darn thing convert? Lead generation is constantly evolving and with it the hallmarks of what makes an effective landing page. Related: How to get your website noticed To help you hone that sales funnel, here’s our 3-step guide to landing page optimisation: 1. Revamp your Call to Action: Position the CTA above the fold. That way, your visitors are instantly acquainted with your offer and don’t have to scroll down to uncover it. Remove all choices but one. There should be ... Read more

21 no-nonsense ways to get your first 100 customers

It’s a major milestone for any aspiring startup. Early adopters are notoriously difficult to come by, so getting 100 of them is more than just some badly-needed money in the bank – it’s an initial proof of concept. Related: Important resources to grow your business With that in mind, here’s our list of 21 ways to acquire those first 100 customers, and get that much closer to being the next Uber (fingers crossed!): 1. Treat them like royalty Those first few customers should get all the attention in the world, complete with a personal thank you from the CEO and ... Read more

Handling objections: resistance to change, NLP…

In my third and final article on handling objections, we’re going to dig deeper into the psychology and science of objection handling with three tried-and-trusted advanced techniques. Related: Routes to market Resistance to change We start with some simple psychology. Why do people have objections? Assuming that you’ve not completely mis-pitched, your prospect’s reticence could be down to pure and simple resistance to change. What’s interesting about resistance to change is that in the majority of cases it is not connected to the facts you’re presenting, but instead it’s based on the irrational fear of something new which manifests itself ... Read more

Lead qualification for championship sales

I’ll say it quietly I am a Spurs fan, but please read on as you will be relieved to know this post is NOT about football. It is on the other hand about something that is crucial to your business – lead qualification. If you are a Spurs fan, or for that matter, a fan of any Premier League team as August arrives, you will dream that your side can compete in Europe’s premier club competition. All your club needs to do is finish in the top four, and you have a route into the competition. Easier said than done, but as ... Read more

Telephone sales – using the telephone to gain new customers

First thing’s first. Don’t be afraid of the telephone. We’ve all been on the receiving end of bad telesales experiences. By following a few very straightforward rules the telephone sales experience, you give your prospects will be a positive and mutually rewarding experience. Attitude and mind control Successful telephone sales are like running a marathon – it’s all about the mindset. Approach the task in a lacklustre way, and you’ll have lacklustre results. Train, even physically, to be alert and to be on form. Focus on success, professionalism and gaining the right results. It’s important to remember that rejection and ... Read more

Presentation skills – 5 top tips that you didn’t know until now

Let’s start by casting our minds back to our school years. Remember the different teachers who taught you? Some were good, some were great, and some were thoroughly confusing and dull. What teachers did was share information, and that is exactly what you’ll be doing in your next presentation. And the last thing you want to be is confusing and dull. So let’s take a look at the art of effective presenting, the Sales Commando way. Keep it simple yet significant Your presentation is your story. It needs to be informative, interesting, attention-grabbing and holding. It needs to have a ... Read more

Cold calling – don’t shiver, deliver!

If the thought of cold calling leaves you numb with anxiety and fear (and it can do to even the best sales people) worry not. A few basic Sales Commando principles – methodologies if you like – will make you fighting fit for success. The biggest secret First and foremost, the biggest secret of cold calling success, whether on the telephone or face to face, is organisation and preparation. It’s not enough to know your product or service backwards, you need to know your target the same way as well. And that all starts with research. Let’s call it “attention ... Read more

A quick guide to networking for entrepreneurs

I’ll admit that one of my guilty pleasures is ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’, a ‘low brow’ dating TV game show, and watching it recently got me thinking about the role of networking and the entrepreneur. The gist of the show is that a large group of girls are looking for love and a man comes along to ‘pitch’ for their attention. The girls all stand behind lit boxes and if they don’t like what they see, they simply switch the light off in front of them. All good-humoured, but how does this apply to building a business? In essence, the ... Read more

E-Commerce – 10 Things to consider when selling in different territories

If you have an established e-commerce business chances are that you will have had a few sales to overseas customers. These ‘accidental’ sales can open your eyes to a new lucrative international audience – but turning your business into a global e-commerce success will take serious planning and preparation. Related: How to get your website noticed For this reason, we are going to share ten things you should consider when expanding internationally: 1. Research your market Market research is essential for understanding how your competition and customers differ to your local market. The objective is to make your e-commerce platform ... Read more