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47 Best management books for entrepreneurs

Effective management is critical to your success as a business leader, yet it’s an area where many business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our 47 most recommended management books including actionable guides, biographies of great leaders/managers, scientific research into management and much more to support you on the way to becoming a management expert. Related: Management The First-Time Manager The book is an extremely practical guide to management skills and techniques the author has developed and cultivated over time to get, keep and progress to his dream job. It’s a perfect handbook and dive into ... Read more

How to leverage employee absence data

Despite the various economic obstacles and the complexity of running a business in 2017, managing absence remains one of the biggest challenges for HR professionals all over the world. According to the Working in America: Absent Workforce study by Harris Interactive, almost 40% of employees call in sick to work during one year for reasons other than actual illness. Some call in sick because they have ill children, personal errands to run or appointments to attend – and an amazing 9% said they called in sick because they stayed up watching a sporting event or awards show! Troublingly, 61% of ... Read more

Top 10 UK hospitality events

In the fast-paced world of 21st-century business, there is little time to slow down and take some well-earned respite with your employees and clients to enjoy their company and build some crucial bonds. Corporate hospitality can offer this time out and allow you to get to know your working peers and clients. But with such an array of sporting dates and legendary events, choosing the right event for you and your business can be tricky. Here we’ve supplied you with a list of top 10 events that can offer a fantastic day out. 10. Goodwood Festival of Speed At ten, the ... Read more

A great company culture is fundamental to success

Put simply, the better the culture at your company, the better people perform. Poor work environments are shown to produce poor results, this is especially true in the millennial startup era we’re in. So how do you go about developing and maintaining a great and unique company culture that will attract, nurture and retain the brilliant people you need to build your business? Establishing your company culture Before you can maintain your culture, you need to build it. It’s often an area startups don’t codify and don’t work at, generally speaking, as scaling happens this leads to some bad situations ... Read more

Here’s what a powerful mission statement looks like

Every entrepreneur knows you can’t start a business without drafting a proper business plan first. In doing so, however, many fail to address another key inaugural document – much shorter yet equally valuable. Writing a mission statement for your company at the very beginning is critical, and here’s why. What is a mission statement? In its purest form, a mission statement defines why your business exists. It crystallises your long-term goals, lays out your market commitments and outlines the key pillars of your company culture. A conventional mission statement should signal your corporate purpose to everyone the business is likely ... Read more

HR for startups: Here’s what you’re doing wrong

The fact that most businesses fail within five years is hardly news for anyone with a pulse on the startup community. In fact, quite the opposite is true nowadays. Related: 47 best management books With how much the figure gets thrown around the endless growth-hack seminars and local tech meetups, startup implosions often feel like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And since most founders choose to ignore even the basic principles of HR from the very get-go, it can be hard to argue the opposite. Why there’s no ‘hacking’ HR for startups Every founder feels like he’s working against the clock. Market ... Read more

Recruitment firms in the UK

People, people and more people. Talent is one of, if not the most valuable resource of any business. Early-stage businesses, in particular, need to source the most talented employees possible who fit their remit. This list covers a variety of UK recruitment firms focused on the technology and startup arena. Related: How to hire an employee List of recruiters Propel Overview: Propel is a recruitment firm with a focus on digital businesses and the tech sector in London and further afield. Core Services: Executive Search, Salary Benchmarking and Reporting, Organisation Design, Consultancy and Competitive Market Mapping Specialist Areas: Advertising, Media, ... Read more

Maximising the various communication tools

Never before in the course of human history have we had more communication tools available to us. Where before we were limited to grunting and sharing our thoughts via cave paintings, now we have any number of ways to express ourselves. This section covers the myriad communication vehicles available to you and helps you determine which vehicle is most likely to engage your employees. Face to face At the end of the day, nothing beats good, old-fashioned, face-to-face communication. Why? Because face time eliminates assumptions, allows for body language, and enables real-time give and take. This medium is almost always ... Read more

Top 10 ways to create an intrapreneurial organisation

The “world’s most popular innovation website” is In a recent article (January 23, 2013), they listed the most important things the top companies do that create an exceptional Intrapreneurial culture. Here is our Top 10: 1. Look for it “Building an intrapreneurial culture isn’t about ‘creating’ intrapreneurs; invariably they already exist within the organisation, and they just need to be discovered, nurtured, and loved.” 2. Be inclusive “An intrapreneurial culture builds value across the workforce, which is predicated upon giving people a voice in their own work.” 3. Give people ownership “To create an intrapreneurial culture, people must be empowered to make ... Read more

The importance of culture in startups

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to Peter Van Sabben from Startupbootcamp. Naturally, the conversation turned to startups, and one of the first things that he mentioned is that startups forget the importance of culture. I was not fully convinced by Peter but agreed that it was something that most startups are not concerned about in the early days. Don’t fuck up the culture After reading a blog post by Brian Chesky about the culture at AirBnB, I understood what Peter Van Sabben was talking about. The reason for this was Peter Thiel, who had just invested $150m in ... Read more

4 Ways leaders create a positive work environment

You have your start-up, you have a team, now what? Before you start firing off in all directions giving orders, stop to think about what kind of environment you want to create for your team. The start-up industry is highly competitive for talent, so the onus is on you to make sure your team is happy, engaged, and doing great work. Related: Best management books for leaders Here are four things you can implement to create a positive team environment. 1. Let them be free If you’ve ever had a micromanaging boss, you know what it feels like. I’ve had ... Read more

How to recruit, train and manage social customer service teams

This topic can draw fierce debate and sometimes becomes a proxy fight between “old” and “new” ways. Some argue it is just a matter of finding people who are strong text based communicators. While others argue the whole nine yards around needing a “bean bag” culture and people that “get” social. It is, therefore, important to have developed your own carefully considered point of view based on understanding these different perspectives and underlying issues. Related: Hiring your first employee Consequences Assuming you chose to see some degree of difference between the cultures of mainstream and Social Customer Service, it follows ... Read more