6 Ways to lift the office spirits this holiday season

Lift the Office Spirits this Holiday Season

The winter festivities are upon us, and they come bearing gifts. Oh look, it’s a sharp drop in office happiness and productivity! Thanks, holidays!

It’s easy to see why so many companies seem less effective come wintertime. You get up, it’s dark. You go to work, dark. You get home – you guessed it – dark again. After a while, the shift in the work environment really starts getting to some people, reflecting poorly on the overall office morale.

Luckily, with a little effort, we can easily fight back and help our colleagues beat the holiday blues. Here are a 6 ways to put a smile back on people’s faces during the holidays:

1. A Christmas bonus

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing says ‘jolly’ quite like money. Employee motivation is an intricate and complex field, but ‘having more cash’ tends to rank pretty high up there.

Now we’re not saying handing out bonuses can substitute a long-term strategy for office happiness. We’re all driven by different things, and there’s no one-size-fits-all to creating an ideal working environment. Still, if the company’s had a good year, recognising and rewarding the people that made it happen is bound to make them feel good!

2. Extra days off

For many, holidays are all about surrounding yourself with loved ones and making terrible egg punch together. With that in mind, why not introduce day-off incentives? If they hit all of their targets, consider rewarding your employees with an extra day away from the office. It acts as a low-cost alternative to bonuses if the revenue’s been down lately, and they’ll come back to you on Monday feeling positively refreshed.

3. Do something fun – together!

Team building activities do wonders for group cohesion regardless of the time of year. Be a cool boss! Take a break from the mundane and do something fun with people you work with. This could mean an office trip to that cool restaurant Mike’s been talking about for months, a paintball tournament or just ordering in and having a chill afternoon. Changing it up frequently plays a huge part in boosting office morale, especially during the holiday slump.

4. Get proactive

You’d be surprised to see just how much a few morning stretches can impact the office mood. While you obviously shouldn’t force anyone to be physically active, there are ways to encourage working out without donning a drill serjeant hat. Organise office games, provide discounted gym rates or give employees a time allowance for exercising during work. Holiday fatigue, begone!

5. Make time for the little things

It’s cold, and people are grumpy – do well by your Nan, pour yourself a lovely cup of tea and have a biscuit. Then, turn it into a full-on event and get everyone in the office involved! Sometimes, all it takes to keep you happy is a natter with your office mates and a minty fresh brew.

6. Deck the office halls!

‘I really hope there isn’t an awesome Christmas party I can look forward to’, said no one ever. End a year with a bang by organising an event where everyone can let their hair down and finally see Mike let loose. There are so many options when it comes to organising an office Christmas party, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Try something that really stands out and gives your staff a childlike level of excitement. Throw a holiday event with a twist – be it a Santa hunt, quad biking, mountain walks or even treasure hunts! There are plenty of choices out there and even companies that do all of the hard work for you. Adventure Britain, for example, specialises in organising unique team building activities for companies, including quirky Christmas parties. If you’re looking for ways to increase company morale but lack the internal resources to do so, getting some outside help might just do the trick.