10 Young american CEOs who are still in school

The top part of the front of an American style school bus.

Recently, a 14-year-old pitched an idea to the US government that changing from Times New Roman to Garamond will save $136 million annually. This boy, Mirchandani will become a boss sooner than later, only through devotion, creativity and hard work.

Below are ten teenagers who already are at the CEO positions in companies, having the courage to deal with pressures in their youth. These kids are brave enough to face the commercial platform knowing they aren’t even high school graduates.

Stefan Anderson- Aged 16

He started with a company known as Hope Apparel in 2014. He was successful in stirring people in a Ted Talk, with his message of peace and tranquillity. His idea is to give charity from the profit gains by the company to Hoops 4 Hope, FACE Children and Shelterbox. He started with $23 by making a website, promoting the social aid his business provides. Last year, corporations donated $53 billion dollars to charities. Stefan wishes to be the leader in corporate accountability by adding his charities to the pool.

Madison Robinson- Aged 15

This teen from Galveston Island, TX, is providing light up flip flops and that’s got her close to becoming a millionaire. A little support from her friends and family helped her progress from product designs to selling to retailers such as Nordstrom and Macy’s. Later on, the flip flops took over the adult market, when she introduced Macy’s women wear. She has sold over 60000 pairs, each costing for $25.

Hart Main – Aged 15

He introduced masculine candles, as opposed to the feminised branding. Receiving encouragement from family, he presented scents of dirt, freshly cut grass and many others. These candles made to the market known as ManCans.

Robert Nay – Aged 15

He introduced a mobile game app Bubble Ball which had around 9 million downloads. This got him nominated for Forbes 30 under 30. With the help from the library he learned about coding for his game, and after a month, his company released 24 levels for the game. He made a quarter of a million dollars under a year.

Skylar Bisel – Aged 15

Bizzy Fizz bath accessories provide organic bath candies, lotions, & lip balms. This young fellow as the CEO of his company got inspired from a science project. His treats are sold online and at retail stores.

Lizzie Marie Likness- Aged 14

Her passion for food made her sell homemade goodies, then a healthy cooking website with instructive videos for kids. She is currently hosting WebMD video series, “Healthy Cooking With Chef Lizzie”, and has also worked with NFl’s First Down For Fitness.

Jaden Wheeler and Amaya Selmon – Aged 12 & 13

Their idea for snow cones made them successful with their small business. They are the youngest food truck owners, offering traditional fast food snacks and above 20 snow cone flavours.

Moziah Bridges – Aged 12

He learned how to sew bow ties and started selling them on Etsy, boutiques, giving him exposure in various famous magazines.

Remington Anne Smith – Aged 12

She started a cooking show with simple, healthy meals for youngsters with obesity problems. The show is named as “Cook Time with Remmi”. Her cookbook will soon be released.

Caine Monroy – Aged 11

Caine is the veteran business owner. He started off when his video, about selling tickets to the video arcade, went viral. In 24hrs he raised $60,000, followed by $239,000. They also arranged cardboard challenges for kids to raise money for charity.