Success and fun, do they go along?

Two people having fun wearing sunglasses on a sunny day.

To achieve something in life, you need to give up leisure time. As bad as it may seem, it isn’t. Being overloaded with work does not mean fun cannot be on your list. Success and fun can be balanced for an entrepreneur too.

‘Business is fun’? Really?

Being passionate about your work and enjoying it at the same time is a miracle most people ask for. It does not necessarily mean you beam all day long; instead, you have a pleasant working environment. The opposite situation would include people just ridding themselves of burdensome work. They don’t focus on striving for success, rather they try to survive the torturing hours and head home.

Fun in business

People are dubious of the fact that fun can go hand in hand with a business for making money. Clowning around may indicate that the work is not taken seriously, especially with a serious boss around, but being serious about your work and being sober are two different things.

Fun at work will improve productivity and will encourage a better flow of ideas. The regularity of employees may also be a major outcome of making work more enjoyable.

Goal orientation versus process orientation

If you view striving for goals as a tough job, then you will only have small brief moments of your life with happiness. This means, only after achieving a goal can you have a taste of sheer happiness. As soon as you survive through one challenge, you get preoccupied with a lust for a greater achievement.

This will surely get you amazing outcomes in your field, but you might not be satisfied with what you do, whether you feel excited by it, or if your salary motivates you. Having the concept of achieving happiness only after you have succeeded in a task, will prevent you from appreciating what you already have in your hands. Having a process-oriented approach means enjoying the sequence of processes through which you reach your final destination. Having to build something great from absolutely nothing in your hands can be phenomenal. This gives you a desire to jump out of your cosy bed each morning to do what you love and enjoy and then be happy about it.

Being paid for your passion

Being passionate about what you do makes you fully commit to your profession. Your enthusiasm is contagious and will make the work environment better. This can be motivating for your team. Enthusiasm will escalate your energy, put the motivation in top gear and success will automatically follow you. Lack of passion can make you unconfident in what you do and make you commit errors. As a result, the job will become unbearable.

Create a balance between fun and business

If you are having pleasure in what you do, that will act as a bonus for not having to wait for the good days to come. Having a good environment is motivational for your peers, but it should be controlled. Times will come in your business where you will have to switch your serious side on, to save your profession. Moreover, your employees should understand the situation, and that you aren’t someone who is easily influenced.