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List of business law firms in the UK

A list of UK law firms who work with small businesses, including details on their areas of expertise and reputation
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/ Last updated on 9th November 2017

Typically the second major cost of any small business is legal fees. Having an efficient and proper legal representation is a massive benefit to any small business and ensuring your legal ducks are in a row should be a top priority.

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This list aims to break down the major law firms covering tech and startups in the UK, also illustrating their benefits and any special legal fees and startup programmes.

List of law firms

Field Fisher Waterhouse

FFW is a firm focused on working with industry leaders, whether small start-ups or leading companies. It particularly focuses on tech businesses. FFW facilitates a range of events and startup initiatives in the London tech scene.

Expert Areas: Tech, Media and Telecoms; life sciences and healthcare; energy and natural resources; hotel and leisure; financial institutions; public sector and severe injury.

DLA Piper Global

DLA Piper Global provides legal assistance to tech start-ups during their growth period. It helps entrepreneurs to choose a legal structure that can help lead a business to reach its full potential. The DLA Piper Global assistance package is available for start-ups and already growing businesses that develop and sell technology products. Counselling is provided over the lifetime course of a business.

Expert Areas: CleanTech, computer hardware, games and entertainment, online commerce and new media, it and outsourcing services, semiconductors, software, telecommunications.

Contact: DLA Piper Global provides services for companies performing worldwide. You can locate the office in your city from here.

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance offers a variety of expertise in different technology sectors, they have a dedicated and integrated global IT and outsourcing practice. They provide assistance for telecommunication and technology. They can staff outsourcing transactions and also advise on complex IT transactions.

Expert Areas: Healthcare, telecommunication, technology, private, public, equity, business insurance and investment management.

Contact: They have offices in London and provide contact details of their lawyers on their website.

Wragge & Co

Wragge & Co is the World Law Group representative’s law firm in England and Wales with more than 15,000 lawyers globally. The world of technology is evolving rapidly and they understand the challenges faced by start-ups and provide the right legal advice to give a competitive edge at a realistic cost.

Expert Areas: They provide services in information technology, intellectual property, corporate, employment, finance, insurance and private capital.

Contact: As an international Law firm they have offices worldwide and a Headquarters in London. Details are provided here.


Linklaters are the leading global law firm, advising the most prominent global corporations. They provide legal counsel in challenging transactions and assignments. They provide assistance for telecommunications, media and technology. Linklaters believe that technology, media and telecommunications can play an innovative role in the society. Therefore, they provide exclusive services to TMT players providing help them exploit market opportunities and fend off competitors. They deal with a diverse client base.

Expert Areas: Telecommunications, media and technology.

Contact: They have their office in London and for your ease, there is a map available on their website. Their contact details are provided here.

Herberth Smith Freehills

Herberth Smith Freehills advises some of the biggest and ambitious companies across many regions of the globe. They provide legal counsel for TMT as well. Their teams have good industry exposure to the most complex work, and provide useful and variable solutions.

Expert Areas: capital markets, mergers and acquisition, real estate, projects and infrastructure.

Contact: They have their head office in London; you can find the contact details here.


Eversheds claims to be the true technology specialist in the UK. They provide legal advice to a diverse range of sectors that includes tech start-ups. Eversheds are cutting edge in terms of their understanding in shifting technologies and their legal procedures. They have a large group of lawyers that focuses on TMT.

Expert Areas: Eversheds has a diverse range of expertise in most areas including technology, media and telecoms. They have worked with many start-ups as well.

Contact: They have offices all across the country including Nottingham, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, Cambridge and Manchester. Details of which are provided here.

Taylor Wessing

Taylor Wessing as a firm has around 400 partners and a large number of lawyers. The company was formed as a result of a merger between the British law firm Taylor Jayson Garret & Berenberg-Gossier. Taylor Wessing has an online portal called TW Tech Focus where they provide tech companies guidance during their corporate life cycle ranging from start-ups to companies entering commercialisation.

Expert Areas: Technology, media and telecom, banking and a wide range of other practice areas.

Contact:  They have an office in London, the details of which are provided in this link.

Allen and Overy

Allen and Overy offer technical expertise in a variety of areas including technology. They are considered to be one of the largest UK based Law firms. They consider TMT (telecommunication, media and technology) sector a key priority. Allen and Overy share industry knowledge expertise across offices and legal disciplines.

Expert Areas: Energy, telecommunications, media, life sciences, metal and mining

Contact: They have their offices in London and all across the globe, contact details including a map can be found on the given link here.

Swindell & Pearson

Swindell & Pearson are one of the United Kingdom’s leading specialists in patents and trademarks. They provide an excellent but reasonably priced service to companies, academic institutions, government agencies and individuals. They seek to understand first challenges and requirements before working closely to add full value. The focus is on simplifying the process throughout while ensuring a high-quality service.

Expert Areas: All aspects of intellectual property; patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs. Also, help around areas of innovation & R&D as well as general advice and guidance for entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.

Contact: They have offices in Derby, Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Stoke and London, you can contact them here.


Olswang is a UK based law firm engaged in providing legal assistance to media and tech-based start-ups, internationally. The firm comprises of legal experts who are always active to help you deal with legal issues that you may face while setting up a new tech-based business. Olswang strives to understand all the details of your business and helps your business with the implementation of suitable legal solutions.

Expert Areas: Technology, media, life science, telecommunications.

Contact: Olswang headquarters are situated in London and branch offices can be found at eight international locations.

Purewal and Partners LLP

Purewal and Partners LLP is a UK based start-up oriented firm, established to provide legal assistance for the entertainment industry. Their services are available for tech start-ups in the UK, Europe and the Silicon Valley. The law firm supports a range of entertainment business start-ups. Whether you are running a small start-up or a large established software enterprise, Purewal and Partners LLP can help you bring out the best in your business.

Expert Areas: Video games, digital broadcast, mobile apps, general IT and technology, e-commerce.

Contact: You can visit their office in London or can contact online. Here you can find the address for their office in London.

Cassell Moore Law Firm

The Cassel Moore Law firm works in partnership with the Tech Hub, Manchester. It provides legal administration to technology-based start-ups, working internationally in Manchester. Cassel Moore facilitates entrepreneurs in developing their business by arranging physical and virtual meetings. In these meetings, the entrepreneurs are given a chance to meet and cooperate with other successful entrepreneurs. In this manner, you can learn better ways to enhance your business globally.

Expert Areas: Computer science, creative arts.

Contact: The head office of Cassell Moore is situated in Liverpool.

Aeton Law Partners

Aeton Law Partners has a well-developed legal framework specifically designed for Connecticut entrepreneurs running tech-based start-ups. Aeton Law Partners help entrepreneurs in securing their business properties. It also provides assistance to address key legal issues that may challenge a tech-based start-up, such as proper management of IP-based practices

Expert Areas: Technology, software, transactional and litigation legal counselling.

Contact: You can find the office for Aeton Law Partners in Hartford and New Haven. For your convenience, you can found different routes to access the office here.

Norton Rose Fullbright


Norton Rose Fulbright is composed of five partnerships. The partnerships share a single management board but are not financially integrated. They offer technical expertise in innovation and technology. Norton Rose Fulbright provides a full range of transactions and commercialisation techniques for a number of prominent clients from start-ups to multinational technology corporation.

Expert Areas: Transport, technology, technology and innovation, infrastructure, mining, commodities and energy.

Contact: They have offices all over the globe; one is at London Riverside, the details of which are provided in the link here.


CMS Cameron Mckenna is the UK member partnership. CMS Cameron merged with Edinburgh-based Dundas & Wilson in May 2014. Their Legal Council expertise lies in tax and legal procedures, but they happen to have a good team for tech start-ups as well. Major transactions and also day to day legal service and all legal counsel for a fast-paced technology sector ranging from global players to start-ups.

Expert Areas: They provide their expertise for a wide spectrum of clients including technology, media and telecoms.

Contact: They have offices all over the globe as well as an office in London, details for their contact are provided here.

Irwin Mitchell

Irwin Mitchell is one of UK’s prominent law firms. As a full-service law firm, they provide expertise in almost all areas with good legal guidance and support. They have not mentioned providing legal counsels to start-ups particularly, but they do provide guidance for software licensing, cloud arrangements, broadband agreements, e- commerce, disputes regarding IT issues and intellectual property, break down of relationship in the supply chain and ISP agreements.

Expert Areas: Personal legal service as well as business legal service.

Contact: They have a solicitor in London, the details of which are provided in the link here.

DAC Beachcroft

DAC Beachcroft is one of the leading Law firms in UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America. They provide a one stop shop for UK-based IT and Telecom Business. They provide legal counsel to tech start-ups and industry giants.

Expert Areas: Information and communication technology, industrial and manufacturing, real estate, rentals and insurance as well as a diverse range of other practice areas.

Contact: They have offices all across the UK including Manchester and London.

Addleshaw Goddard

Addleshaw Goddard LLP is a corporate law firm that is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It was formed in 2003 by the merger of Addleshaw Booth & co with Theodre Goddard. In their services and credentials they have mentioned providing legal counsel to small businesses and start-ups related to the tech industry. Beyond that, they provide good legal advice for advertising and marketing, branding, sports and other areas as well.

Expert Areas: The have expertise in a wide variety of areas including technology and communications.

Contact: They have their headquarters in London. The particular details of their lawyers and offices are included in the link here.


Withers LLP is an International law firm that has established Headquarter in London. They have offices all across the globe. They have a London-based intellectual property (IP) and technology team that advises on commercial technology and data protection. They also provide legal advice licensing, advertising, research and development, IT procurement and software development. They also have a fixed price legal service for start-ups providing all the legal requirements of setting up a company. They also run quarterly events for entrepreneurs and investors with entrepreneur guest speakers.

Expert Areas: Withers specialises in tax, trust and estate planning, as well as employment, family law, and other legal issues including information and technology.

Contact: They have provided details of its client service team and their offices worldwide. A detailed description is provided in the link here.

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