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List of crowdfunding platforms

A definitive list of crowdfunding platforms including equity, reward and many other types of crowdfunding platform
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/ Last updated on 9th November 2017

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Crowdfunding is revolutionising the way startups are being funded, involving the raising of funds by obtaining many small investments from a large number of people. Crowdfunding sites such as Crowdcube, Kickstarter and many others offers small companies a way to raise large sums of capital from a variety of minority investors in a short time frame. This form of business fundraising is proving increasingly popular and is not just used to fund enterprises but also social movements, creative projects and more. Startup Crowdfunding is on an increasing trend many startups are now seeking to fund their enterprise this way.

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An example of success in this area is Pebble Watches who raised $10.3 million dollars through for their innovative smart watch product that is set to take the world by storm. This form of funding in times of economic downturn is becoming increasingly popular and is a great way for businesses to raise capital.

List of crowdfunding platforms


Seedrs was originally UK focused and based, and has now expanded its platform out to investors and startups across Europe. They focus on fundraising investment for startups in exchange for equity. One of the key benefits to their system is they operate a nominee structure holding shares on behalf of investors, simplifying the process greatly for startups and investors. As to fees, you create your campaign and only pay a tiered fee if your fundraising is successful.

Targeting/ Audience: UK and Wider Europe

Type: Equity Crowdfunding/ Startups

Raise/ Fund: You can apply to list your startup here. Investors can sign up here.


Crowdcube are currently one of the world’s largest equity based platform for startups looking to raise investment. Whether you’re looking to raise £100,000 or millions in finance, the reach and network around the platform make it a strong contender to list on for those looking for equity funding.

Targeting/ Audience: UK and Europe

Type: Equity-Mini Bonds Crowdfunding/ Startups

Raise/ Fund: You can apply to list your startup here. Investors can sign up here.


One of the original UK Crowdfunding sites, Crowdfunder is primarily focused on reward-based funding for individual projects. They’ve also acquired PeopleFund.It, meaning they have a massive network/ reach to an engaged audience of funders.

Targeting/ Audience: UK

Type: Reward Based Crowdfunding/ Creative/ Startup/ Tech/ Community/ Sports

Raise/ Fund: You can apply to list your project here. Funders can sign up here.


Formerly Buzzbnk, Fundit.Buzz is focused on supporting/ funding social ventures aiming to make an impact. They can fund businesses, individual projects and a range social ventures.

Targeting/ Audience: UK

Type: Reward/ Equity Based Crowdfunding/ Social Ventures/ Social Enterprise Focus

Raise/ Fund: You can apply to list your project here. Funders can sign up here.

WeFund (Closed)

The first crowdfunding platform to launch in the UK, WeFund focus on funding creative projects from music to design/ theatre and much more. They have a wide reach in the UK and are a strong place to run a campaign for creative projects.

Targeting/ Audience: UK

Type: Reward Crowdfunding/ Creative Projects

Raise/ Fund: Not available.

Sponsume (Closed)

Founded in 2010, Sponsume are primarily focused on artistic projects but also cater for startup/ technology projects. An offshoot company from an Oxford University professor, the platform is now globally focused and has a wide audience.

Targeting/ Audience: UK and International

Type: Entrepreneurial/ Artistic Projects – Reward Based

Raise/ Fund: Not available.

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