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Make sure you’re starting for the right reasons

Before you start a business, you should be absolutely clear about why you are doing it. That may sound obvious, but there are actually many reasons why someone should choose to turn their back on the security of a job and career for the uncertainty of starting a business. So the clearer you are about what exactly you are trying to achieve, the better chance you have of achieving it. Related: Starting a business  Common reasons for starting To pursue a passion, interest or hobby To be your own boss To prove – often to someone you know – that ... Read more

47 Best management books for entrepreneurs

Effective management is critical to your success as a business leader, yet it’s an area where many business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our 47 most recommended management books including actionable guides, biographies of great leaders/managers, scientific research into management and much more to support you on the way to becoming a management expert. Related: Management The First-Time Manager The book is an extremely practical guide to management skills and techniques the author has developed and cultivated over time to get, keep and progress to his dream job. It’s a perfect handbook and dive into ... Read more

7 Challenges of first-time entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be tough. Having the business idea is obviously a great start, but getting that idea off the ground, making it a success and maintaining that success is a real challenge. As an entrepreneur, you’ll come up against a whole host of hurdles – some that can be worked through relatively easily – but some that are especially difficult to overcome. If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, or you have a business idea that you’re keen on running with, you should be prepared for these challenges: Financing First and foremost it’s financing. How you finance ... Read more

How to plan an event for success

Planning and marketing an event to success can be tough, so here are some hard and fast strategies you should employ to maximise the overall success of your event. Related: Business events in the UK & Europe Set goals and be clear It’s important to have clear objectives and goals when creating an event. You need to have a clear idea of the work to be undertaken, your goals and what you plan to gain from the event, otherwise, you run the risk of having poor attendance and not being able to measure the outcome of your event against KPIs. ... Read more

Get your dream startup job

What you see ahead of you is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to scoring that startup job you’ve been dreaming of. Please use responsibly. Related: How to start a business Step 1: Is a startup job right for you? Ping-pong tables, beanbags, glass walls to draw on, bright coloured slides to get you from point A to point B in less time and with more endorphins, and of course that fridge full of beer and milk on a Monday morning. The startup office dream… Well, there are some startups that are leading the trend with nifty office design, but unfortunately, we’re not living in a ... Read more

Set and achieve SMART marketing objectives

Some marketers have become kings of generic goal-setting. Hiding behind buzzwords has replaced planning and actionable steps, leading to so many promising projects and creative ad campaigns positively failing to impress. Related: Marketing mix definition, What is marketing? Once again, we as marketers need to get SMART about our own objectives. The word ‘SMART’ however, refers to more than just raw intelligence in this case. It is a conveniently-worded acronym, designed to help project managers everywhere hone the forgotten art of goal planning. For a marketing objective to qualify as SMART, it needs to be: 1. Specific While wanting more ... Read more

How to pick a co-founder for your business

Lack of team cohesion is consistently quoted as one of the biggest reasons why so many startups fail. Picking a co-founder can be just as important to your company’s success as having a solid, market-validated idea. With that in mind, here are three steps to finding the right partner for your business and making a decision you won’t have to regret three disastrous years in. Related: Taking on the role of founder 1. The magic number Many entrepreneurs see being a solo founder as an unnecessary handicap. When it comes to exactly how many co-founders you should aim for, however, ... Read more

Stealth or loud? The startup dilemma

There’s an age-old debate in the startup community of whether it’s better to keep your product on the down low pre a launch or be as loud as humanly possible. At EH we have products that we’re loud about but also some being developed in stealth for a good reason, at least we think so! The debate of stealth or loud still rages on today but what’s the answer? As with most strategies, it’s ambiguous, it really depends on your company, technology, market and a myriad of others factors. We’re going to breakdown the benefits of each and hopefully debunk ... Read more

Doing business in emerging markets

Hold onto your seats West – it’s about to get ugly. Over the next decade, almost 70% of the global economic growth is expected to come from the emerging markets. Related: Growing your business New kids on the block Yes, the burgeoning streets of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC for short) have become the next business frontier. Leaving the recession relatively unscathed, these developing economies only cemented their role as 21st-century financial powerhouses. Now, every investor half worth his portfolio looks to the BRICs for guidance, ideas and a positive return. It’s been a good couple of years for ... Read more

Do you have these key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs?

There’s a growing community of people who chose to abandon the comfort of a 9-to-5 corporate gig in exchange for a low-paying, statistically-unwise, nerve-racking prospect of building something from scratch. And they’re loving every minute of it. And why wouldn’t they? Successful entrepreneurs are the rockstars of the 21st century, showered with praise and inundated with deals that would make even Mick Jagger’s head spin (well, more than usual at least). Related: What is an entrepreneur? Still, data is a harsh mistress, especially to entrepreneurs. Nine out of ten startups fail, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find sufficient funding for ... Read more

4 Business networking tips to get you talking

Networking events are like speed dating for entrepreneurs: most conversations are painfully awkward, everyone spends too much time talking about themselves, and your new ‘contacts’ rarely, if ever, call afterwards. Related: Business & entrepreneur networks in the United Kingdom Despite what you may believe, not many people are born with a natural ability to work a room. Just like anything in business, effective networking takes a lot of trial and error before getting it right, and you are never really done learning. That being said, there’s a lot that you can do to stack the deck in your favour. Here’s ... Read more

Why market segmentation is crucial for your business

For many years, marketing specialists have segmented their target customers to understand who might buy a service or product. It does sound pretty easy. Yet, sometimes companies have fallen (and continue to fall) into a few pitfalls when thinking about segmentation. One is that they just don’t segment. Two, they confuse segmentation with demographics. And three, many companies forget to ask themselves why they want to segment and what decisions will be made based on the information they receive. Related: Qualitative research, quantitative research In other instances, firms focus on traditional segmentation while failing to consider major shifts in customer behaviour ... Read more