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List of business accelerators in Australia

A list of business accelerators in Australia including locations, investment levels, programme lengths, portfolio companies and contact details
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/ Last updated on 9th November 2017

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Business accelerators are fast becoming an essential part of the Australian startup ecosystem, these accelerators aim to invest, grow and expand early stage businesses readying them for hyper growth or further investment rounds. They are supporting the fledgeling startup scene across Australia.

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List of business accelerators

Angel Cube

Angel Cube are a hybrid accelerator and incubator, offering an intensive accelerator programme followed by an incubation period to establish a better baseline for your business. Working with technology startups, from either idea stage or a fully functioning business generating $10,000 a month. Accepting up to 10 startups per time with workspace inside the Inspire9 coworking space.

Location: Melbourne

Investment Level/Equity: $20,000 seed funding for an unspecified amount of equity.

Programme Length: 3 Months accelerator followed by 3 months incubation.

Portfolio Companies: LIFX,, OziRig – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Apply here.


To attend the ilab accelerator, you must first complete their ‘Germinate’ programme. Both are only available to technology business, however, they are of varying lengths. Successful applicants will receive individual training and both programmes have the opportunity to attend boot camps. Once completed successful applicants will be assessed for entry to the Accelerate programme.

Location: Queensland

Investment/Equity: $20,000 for an undisclosed % of equity | $50,000 – $100,000 for an undisclosed % of equity.

Programme Length: 3 months | 6 months.

Portfolio Companies: Smooth Operator, Bliip, Footballr.

innovyz START

Innovyz START is an accelerator for companies using web 2.0, or mobile apps. It is available for teams of 3 or more, with a $20,000 stipend. The accelerator is open to both Australian companies as well as international companies.

Location: Adelaide

Investment/Equity: $20,000 investment + $20,000 stipend for 8% equity

Programme Length: 13 weeks.

Portfolio Companies:  FTE Solutions, Tootz, Muvli – a full list is available here.

Contact/Apply: Apply here, contact form here.


Startmate is a Sydney based mentor-driven accelerator that aids internet startups. The programme consists of weekly dinners and events, as well as flights to Silicon Valley to meet useful contacts. There are also two demo days, one in Sydney and one in Silicon Valley to showcase your business to investors and consumers.

Location: Sydney

Investment/Equity: $50,000 for 7.5% equity.

Programme Length: 5 months.

Portfolio Companies: Composure, Drawboard, Flirtey – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: E-Mail them here.

The Founder Institute

The Founder Institute are the world’s largest entrepreneur training programme, with positions in Sydney. Focused on technology companies, they plan to get your company to “Silicon Valley” level. They also run a ‘shared liquidity pool.’

Location: Sydney

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