6 Signs you’re a bad manager

Angry businesswoman wearing glasses pointing away from desk with files on shelves behind her.

Everyone faces a bad manager at some point in their careers. People who victimise us and make us vow that we will be different. Most bad managers themselves have had bad bosses in the past. Sometimes, it is the company culture that shapes bad managers. If a company senses that a certain supervisor is not doing things the right way, and still allows them to thrive, they are cultivating a bad crop.

When it comes down to becoming a manager, some of us just aren’t cut for the job. Here are six cautionary signs that show that a person can’t be a good manager:

6. You never listen to your employees’ ideas

Constantly rejecting the ideas of your team members is a bad habit. Some people think they have the right idea and short-sightedly implement it without listening to others. This is a sign of a bad manager and breeds contempt amongst employees. Allow everyone to bring their ideas to the table and let them voice their opinions.

If employees feel that you never listen, they may voice their concerns. If you do not change, with time they will learn to stay quiet and you may miss out on innovative ideas that could have helped the organisation.

5. You control every single task

Managing does not mean paying excessive attention to detail and controlling each task. Watching over the project holistically is your job. Learn to delegate tasks and let the employees get them done in their way. If they end up with the same results but with a different technique, it is nothing to worry about. Micromanaging tasks will just waste time and effort, with one task being accomplished by two people.

4. Speaking Negatively

Managers should also know how to rectify employee behaviour. Learn the art of constructive criticism and use words carefully. Know the difference between ‘You’ve done it all wrong,’ and ‘This is a better way to do it, and it will reduce your hassle’. Never scream or shout at an employee, always treat employees in a way that you would want to be treated in.

Badmouthing employees in front of others in the firm is wrong. Word may spread, and employees will get demotivated once they come to know. Motivate employees to improve and address problems in a positive manner.

3. You Don’t Know Your People

Not having an understanding of the needs of employees is a sign that you are a bad manager. You should be able to gauge that an employee isn’t concentrating on his job and what are the reasons he seems lost. This does not mean to acquaint yourself on a personal level with your employees. However, basic knowledge about their family and life is necessary.

2. Your employees resign frequently

Everyone wants a good employment opportunity with excellent learning prospects. However, if your employees feel stifled and demotivated, they may resign. If you have a high turnover rate, it is a sign that you’re doing something wrong.

1. Favouritism

Giving perks to only some employees and ignoring others is another bad trait. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you favour others over them. Being lenient, for instance, with selected employees will demotivate the rest of the workers. Bring equality in your leadership, and everyone will like you.

Rectifying these signs can make you a better manager who motivates employees and will increase team performance.