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10 Ways to make your office stress free

Even the best offices can be stressful places, learn how you can make your office as stress free as possible
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/ Last updated on 27th October 2017

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With piling work and pressure of deadlines, office work comes with a huge amount of stress guaranteed to burn you out. However, organising your cubicle better can help pacify the stressful environment and ensure mental health. Here are the ten ways you can improve your space in the office.

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1. Decorate the cubicle and reorganise your belongings

The first thing you need to do is make your cubicle better by redecorating and reorganising. This will give your cubicle a fresh look and a change from the stressful environment of the office.

2. Get better technology

Using technology that is old and slow can be irritating. When the browser takes ten minutes to open, or the computer shows numerous errors frequently, people tend to get impatient and angry especially when they have to meet deadlines. Updating technology will help increase productivity and will expedite office tasks.

3. De-clutter

Getting rid of stuff, you don’t need or stacking it somewhere else, away from the desk is a good idea. You may have old pages and files filling your desk in plain sight. It’s destined to stress you out and reduces space to work in. Clearing away your desk and cubicle will allow you to focus properly on work and help you relax.

4. Get organised with your tasks

Getting a bunch of sticky notes and pasting them everywhere will only add clutter to your desk. Using the sticky note option in your computer or investing in good, colourful stationery will motivate you to write tasks and deadlines on your notepad. In your smartphone, use the to-do list to prioritise and reorganise your daily schedule to meet deadlines.

5. Use the energy-saver settings

Enabling the energy-saver settings in the computer, printer or any other technology in the office will save time for loading and buffering while saving energy. Many devices have this option and automatically go to sleep when they are not being used. Save yourself the time and trouble by using this option.

6. Music

Music has been proven to increase productivity by allowing a person to calm down and focus. If permissible, use your iPod or computer and play some music. However, noisy music should be avoided, and calm, soothing songs can help you relax.

7. Stretch and Exercise!

Constantly sitting in the same posture for hours will have serious consequences for your body. Taking regular breaks and walking around will reduce stress and give the eyes a break from the computer screen. Stretching can also help soothe and ease the muscles and will add fun to an otherwise boring office routine.

8. Buy a plant

Adding plants to an office setting can freshen up the environment and add colour at the same time. According to research, plants help reduce stress and detoxify the body. Buying floral plants will add more colour so investing in them will definitely change the look of your office and decrease stress at the same time.

9. Healthy food

Stop ordering in burgers and sodas from various restaurants around the block. Switching to healthier, home-cooked food will save you money. Having salads and flavoured yoghurt will reduce stress because it is a healthy option.

10. Do breathing exercises and smile!

Breathing and relaxing is a form of meditation and taking a break from work and simply relaxing will make the stressful thoughts of deadlines and angry managers disappear. Breathing causes the overworked body to slow down and relax. It also allows a person to refocus.

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