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The rise of the non-tech startups in Silicon Valley

Find out how non-technology based businesses are thriving in Silicon Valley almost as much as tech businesses
Sixtine Boulard

/ Last updated on 28th October 2017

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When people think of startups, they automatically associate them with technology and Silicon Valley. It is true that the term ‘startup’ became popular about ten years ago as part of the internet bubble. While the concept of a startup is hugely recognised in the world of internet and technology, the term actually refers to any young blossoming business, often innovative, with high potential and high growth. A startup is specifically designed to deliver a new product or service.

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The rise of the non-tech startups

So can innovation come in the form of non-tech services and startups? There is not only ‘tech’ in life, as one is tempted to think at times because we undergo this obsession on the part of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, who want to develop new technologies to change the world at any cost.

One successful non-tech entrepreneur, Laetitia Verdeaux and her startup ‘Crêpe-Madame’, has achieved great success doing business in the heart of San Francisco. The business is renowned for its innovation and high quality of service, offering simplicity and originality, which are all the qualities necessary to being a successful startup. In fact, this company will cater for your startup, as well as for birthdays and weddings, immersing you into the exciting world of crêpes and the exotic tastes of French cuisine.

Another foodie startup, ‘Bonjour Baguette’ is beginning to offer breakfast delivery around San Francisco, complete with flavourful food in tastefully-decorated boxes. Although the food is nothing new, the approach the company is taking is innovative, as an all-encompassing service offering not only delicious food but also an enjoyable experience and complete with a custom-designed, user-friendly app. Similarly, ‘Airbnb’ has revolutionised the hospitality industry, the company has the capacity to innovate food service delivery by reorienting technology, providing its service to a new location and serving a set of clients who are currently underserved. Innovation will always be at the heart of its business success.

Simple ideas have every chance to shine in the Bay. Considering the price per square meter in the Silicon Valley and the affluence of the people who reside there, they will not hesitate to make use of such services to optimise their comfort and their needs as quickly and simply as possible.

Impressing Silicon Valley

We understand that people of the Valley have money, with more than 50 billionaires and thousands of multimillionaires who are eager to pay as long as the service is of the highest quality. Demanding and uncompromising in their expectations, they will not give you a second chance. So you must give people exactly what they want. ‘Bonjour Baguette’ is designed to be a startup that will inevitably bring excellent starts to the days of Silicon Valley’s inhabitants, a unique offering which will guarantee success.

Not everyone is fascinated by technology, not everyone is an engineer or developer, but Silicon Valley is full of young talent from all backgrounds who are willing to do anything to succeed. Its entrepreneurs are relentless in their pursuit of ideas and determined to secure a place in the middle of an ecosystem that always stays a step ahead. Even if these small businesses never face competition from large technology firms, they must always emphasise their abilities to offer innovative solutions and services as a way to guarantee a spot among those sharks who will ultimately be responsible for their company’s life or death.

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