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Interview with Ingrid Sanders, popexpert CEO

Discover how popexpert plan to revolutionise the online education space from their base in Silicon Valley
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/ Last updated on 5th November 2017

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After seeing Ingrid Sanders speak at the Le Web London Conference, I was curious to learn more about her journey so far and her latest startup popexpert, a face-to-face learning platform connecting people with experts. After a few tweets and emails we arranged to chat online through popexpert here’s what transpired.

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The first thing that struck me with Ingrid was her calmness, the opposite of what you would expect from someone building a major and well-backed startup. I often think that a lot of founders struggle to find this in their lives although she admits to not having a normal weekend like so many in the startup community, she still though finds balance whether “climbing three hills before breakfast” or an hour a days Yoga on popexpert.

The early days of Ingrid Sanders career

Starting her career interning with an early ISP (Internet Service Provider) Prodigy Internet, Ingrid began working life as a copywriter having studied Journalism at University in Missouri. Moving on, she worked in positions ranging from strategy and research to marketing and advertising, at companies ranging from Acronym to The Active Network. We chatted briefly about the early days of the internet and vivid memories of ancient websites. It became very clear from her career and from our conversation that Ingrid has a strong history in technology that has led to what she is doing now.

Balance startup entrepreneur

The conversation moved on to the inspiration for Popexpert and what lay behind it. Ingrid went on a recent sabbatical from the tech world to get away and learn new things, spending months doing yoga and meditation. These six months of perspective led to the inspiration and creation of popexpert, a platform that brings the human experience back to the Internet allowing people to connect, coach and learn new things.
It’s important to note though popexpert does currently deal a lot with health and meditation coaching, though the platform is present and greatly expanding into other areas.

The result & future

Popexpert is an intriguing platform based on the concept of community and allowing people to learn something new even for just an hour a day. The platform is in private beta, so ask for your invitations, but whether you want to learn yoga, talk to a film director or learn something new, this is the place to be. In Ingrid’s words, this brings that “human connection” back to the internet, working one to one and connecting with people.

Despite attempts to get her to relocate the business to Shoreditch, she’s unfortunately decided to stay in California for the time being, something about the weather. This is a company and founder to watch, and I look forward to seeing great things to come from the popexpert team.

Editor’s note: Popexpert has been relatively quiet online in recent years but the platform is still live. (1 April 2017)

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