5 Benefits of VoIP calling system for your business

VoIP Calling System- Business

A VoIP, or voice over IP, call system can have many benefits for a business environment. This type of system means voice communications occur over IP networks such as the internet. Calls are routed through your computer providing an easy to use and unified system across your office, or even multiple offices. A VoIP system can replace your ISDN connection with a single IP and can offer up to 750 channels while giving you ultimate reliability, security and speed. Pretty sweet, uh?
Here are a few benefits to installing a VoIP phone system in your office.

Reduce phone cost

Possibly one of the biggest benefits of having a VoIP system is the appealing nature of reduced phone costs. Using the internet as the backbone, you can cut down landline and long-distance phone calls bills to multi-site offices to almost zero. Of course, you’ll need a broadband Internet access, like ADSL, with a decent speed – but this is what most people use today at a monthly fixed cost. Additionally, Voice IP calls reduces costs on maintenance, equipment and lines, which is always a plus


VoIP allows extra handsets to be implemented with no major installations or disruption. If you were adding extra lines to an ISDN connection, you’d have to have an engineer in and a physical line installed. This could reduce a huge amount of commotion in the office that would be happily accepted by any busy working environment.
This is also a benefit as your business grows and expands; if you are employing more staff or expanding to more locations, your VoIP phone system can keep up with these demands very easily as one service controls your communications network.


There is a high level of convenience with a business phone system such as this. You can identify unanswered calls and change the settings to have calls automatically rerouted to employees’ mobile phones or set calls to go straight to voicemail if you are away. On top of this, some VoIP systems allow you to manage and analyse communications and optimising staff levels and efficiency, such as is the case with the Samsung Xchange telephone system.


With VoIP systems, you have the opportunity to integrate software programs such as email and remote conferencing. VoIP users can take their adapters or phones anywhere providing there is an internet connection, meaning phone calls can be made almost anywhere. This creates a lot of flexibility within your company, especially if you have employees frequently on duty travels.


A VoIP phone system is future-proof, with enhancements to the system updated overnight to benefit the office without any interruption during business hours. This also means there is no decrease in the level of customer experience provided.

If you are looking to install a new phone system in your working environment, whether you are setting up a new office or just wish to move your telephone system to something more suitable to your environment, contact a leading supplier of broadband and telephone systems that can ensure you receive high-quality service and available support.