How to sell using funny photos on Instagram

Learn how you can use Instagram to create customer interest and generate sales

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How do you attract a large flow of target customers when you seemingly have already tried everything that you can think of? Instagram! It’s not just any social network where people share photos of their food, pet, etc. It is also the most promising source and tool for customer acquisition for business today.

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Instagram enables you reach 200 million people

You connect with the audience with the help of photos (which has already been proven to be more effective than any other type of content);

5 ways you can stand out on Instagram

Follow these simple steps to stand out and get a large flow of new customers with the help of humour. It can’t go wrong!

1. Tell stories

Think less about taking photos and more about how to tell an interesting story. However, do not forget to add a funny photo or video that will attract people with its ingenuity and will entertain everybody, it’s key.

For example, if your company sells handmade chocolates, then video record the process. Answer your audience’s questions with visual content. Take interviews with buyers. Use a photo of a baby that loved the chocolate and is got it all over himself. It will resonate with your audience.

2. Create a strategy

Consider the photo in Instagram as a separate unit of the marketing strategy. Remember that cross posting is a utopia, each social network has its own specific audience. Create your own unique content stream for Instagram.

Think in advance what will be the highlight of your page and draw up your strategy. Create a list of images you want, including the theme, place and time of your publications. This is what professional photographers do before the “hunt” to get cool pictures. Find out what innovative brands and companies such as Edubirdie do on Instagram, look at how they use funny videos and photos to attract more customers and sell more!

3. Be creative and relate to your audience

Relevant pictures are often just what you need so that your audience doesn’t just flip through your photos, but are actually interested in them. Experiment with interesting angles and close-ups.

Another cool way to stand out is humour. Try to make your subscribers laugh. Tell them funny stories that happened in your company and use colloquial language to relate to them. Show that you are normal people! Try to insert more posts about everyday situations and not only commercially-targeted texts. And of course, there are many applications out there that will help you create your own unique style of photos and create an identity for your brand.

4. Look for a better view

Nowadays many smartphones have great cameras, but the lenses are still limited in their abilities. That’s why shooting from the far end of the room, for example, leads to poor results. Do not scale the photo from your smartphone, move closer to take the picture. Try to shoot from different angles, then you will have plenty to choose from. Also, while shooting you may find your style, your perspective and make it proprietary.

But even if you think you have taken the perfect picture, take a few more. Trust me, it will help in the editing process.

5. Experiment and analyse

Once you have created a few stories and have experimented with tools for editing photos, it’s time to find out what ideas have been most successful. There are great programs for analysing your actions and results, Statigram, for example, helps you collect the most useful information, such as:

As you can see, there are very useful applications that will give you all the information you need to make your campaigns a success. Social networks play an important role in the development of the brand and in sales but remember that you need to have a marketing strategy in place to engage with your audience and maximise results.

So, add funny photos, tell humorous stories and disclose some secrets to your audience to show your devotion to them and establish a firm connection!

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