About us

“Entrepreneur Handbook is one to watch, having achieved extraordinary growth over a relatively short time.” (George Whitehead, Venture Partner Manager at Octupus Investments)

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Founded in early 2013, Entrepreneur Handbook initially only had a small range of resource lists, covering topics such as investors, incubators and accelerators.

During these early months, site popularity grew quickly and the founder seeing both a need and a demand for UK focused entrepreneurial advice decided to pivot the resource to a fully-fledged media platform.

Today Entrepreneur Handbook is one of the largest and most trusted media platforms for entrepreneurs in the UK, with one of the most extensive entrepreneurial libraries out there. To this day Entrepreneur Handbook continues to grow and provide the best possible content covering key areas including leadership, finance, marketing, sales, technology, human resources and much more.

Who do we work with?

Entrepreneur Handbook partners and collaborates with many universities, councils, NGOs, corporations and government bodies on research, informational and promotional activities supporting the entrepreneurship eco-system in the UK. If you’re interested in discussing a partnership/project collaboration, please feel free to reach our partners team via the contact page.

Where are we based?

Our primary office is located in Chichester, we also have a satellite location in London as well as several remote teams in Serbia and Argentina.

Is Entrepreneur Handbook only a media company?

Our media platform (entrepreneurhandbook.co.uk) is our key focus but we also have multiple endeavours under the umbrella of the Entrepreneur Handbook LTD. Current active ventures include business planning software, online education platform, business intelligence software and our sister business datastorm, which is a data-driven sales and marketing agency.

Any questions?

We’re always happy to hear from you. Get in touch via our contact page for any questions. If you’re specifically interested in reaching our audience via advertising or promotional activities, click here for more details.