Venture capital funds in Australia

A definitive list VC funds in Australia.

Venture capital is an essential part of the financial eco-system, enabling and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you’re looking for seed level, series A or larger rounds of investment funding we’ve compiled a list below of the key venture capital firms in Australia below. (You can also find a database of UK VC firms here.)

List of AUS venture capital funds


ANU Connect Ventures

Location: Canberra Targeting: Canberra

Bio: ANU is a seed/early-stage investment, managing the Discovery Translation Fund which also invests in proof-of-concept companies.

Investment Level: None-repayable DTF grant of $25,000 to $50,000 and seed investment of max $500,000.

Portfolio Companies: Warm Contact, Dosimetry & Imaging, StageBitz – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details and handy web form here.


Arowana Capital

Location: Brisbane & Sydney Targeting: Australia

Bio: Arowana Capital are a seed and early-stage investment company focusing on Education, Financial Technology and Food. However, they will reach out of their comfort zone if you fit their investment thesis.

Investment Level: Seed and Early-Stage with an undisclosed amount.

Portfolio Companies: Luz Almond, FX2School, StudyQuery – a full list can be found by clicking the ‘Portfolio’ tab on their website here.

Contact/Apply: There is a ‘Pitch us’ and ‘Contact Us’ tab on the top of their website here.


Banksia Capital

Location: Perth Targeting: Western Australia

Bio: Banksia is a late-stage and buyout company working with privately owned businesses and companies, based in Perth.

Investment Level: $3,000,000 -$15,000,000 long term (2 -7 years) for companies with >$1,000,000 profit.

Portfolio Companies: Skill Hire, MTI Group, Logic Communications – full list here.

Contact/Apply: There is a web form as well as other forms of contact here.


Brandon Capital Partners

Location: Melbourne | Sydney Targeting: Australia

Bio: Brandon Capital Partners are a seed and venture capital company working with developing life sciences and improving medical outcomes of the companies that they invest in.

Investment Level: unknown

Portfolio Companies: Spinifex, Elastagen, Snap Surveillance – a Full list can be found here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.


TALU Ventures F.K.A. CM Capital

Location: Brisbane Targeting: Australia | USA

Bio: Built with 3 of the successors of CM Capital and focusing on IT and Biotech industries, from seed upwards.

Investment Level: $5,000,000 – $15,000,000

Portfolio Companies: AdGent, Datacastle, TreatMetrix – full list here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details are here.


Equity Partners

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia | New Zealand

Bio: Equity Partners are an investment fund focusing on mid and late-stage companies grossing $4,000,00-$20,000,000 profit before tax

Investment Level: Not known

Portfolio Companies: Tasman Market Fresh Meats, Aussie Farmers Group, HRV – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact links here.