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3 tips for entrepreneurs who have trouble sleeping

Being an entrepreneur is exhausting, learn how you can master your sleep to wake up happy, refreshed and ready to be productive
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/ Last updated on 27th November 2017

You’ve done it, after years of worrying about pleasing the boss, corporate ladders and the daily grind, you’ve followed your dream and made the leap from employee to entrepreneur. And with this newly found freedom, you’re bound to sleep more soundly, right? Wrong.

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Unfortunately being in control of your own happiness brings with it a multitude of new responsibilities and anxieties. These range from bringing whatever idea you’ve had to life, raising funding, learning how to manage people, filing your own taxes or hiring someone, among many other tasks – the admin alone is enough to make your head spin.

Being an entrepreneur means having the unstoppable belief that you can start and build a successful business. That belief alongside your constant push to improve your skills and abilities is central to most if not all entrepreneurs but when it comes to the nighttime many fail to adopt a similar mindset and neglect the pursuit of improving the quality of sleep even though it is critical to your overall productivity and success. With that in mind here are a few tips to help you quit the sleepless nights, and hop aboard the snooze express.

1. Switch off and shut down

I know, I know… those emails aren’t going to send themselves. But really, do you have to write them at 12am?! Obviously on some occasions, you’ll be dealing with international clients and you don’t want to keep them waiting. But they will understand. Send whatever mails you need to before your evening meal and end with explaining that you’ll be online again in the morning, your time. Then do not check in again until this time, unless you’ve been forewarned that there might be some kind of emergency in the meantime!

I’ll be realistic, I know this won’t work for everyone. But honestly, devices that emit blue light are up there with the biggest sleep preventers around. That includes your TV and your phone, too. So enjoy whatever show you’re currently addicted to, take to Twitter to rant about whatever issue is bothering you, and then switch off an hour before bedtime. What to do with this new-found time? Read your kids a bedtime story, or rediscover the joy of a book yourself, have a bath, give your partner those bedroom eyes – anything, just disconnect from your devices and find a real connection elsewhere.

2. Embrace the East

In recent years, mindfulness meditation has gone from being a thing hermits did in caves to being firmly engrained in the mainstream. Thankfully. Because taking time to be aware of the present moment not only makes you a more thoughtful, productive and basically better person, scientists have proved that it has amazing benefits for your health, too!

One of these benefits is improving the way in which we sleep. When we meditate regularly, our minds become calmer, less clogged with minor worries like how we’ll get to that meeting or what we’ll have for lunch the next day, and bigger stresses like finding investors or making it through beta testing in one piece. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate in the morning or in the evening, both will gradually change your pattern of thinking so that at night your brain is less overstimulated and anxious, and more ready to settle down in acceptance of sleep. If you’ve never meditated before, there are lots of guided ones available. This body scan one is particularly useful for helping you get to sleep.

3. Invest in the best

You’re happy to spend thousands on new cars, nice suits and dream holidays, but you won’t fork out any more than you have to on something that can really affect your health – your bed. Why is that? Maybe because you consider your bed to be a boring, practical thing that you don’t want to waste money on. Better to save it for leisure purposes, you think.

But trust me, investing in the things that you’ll be laying your weary body to rest upon can make a huge difference. Whether it’s a more thoughtful mattress that remembers your exact body shape or a pillow that suits your preferred sleeping style, these things do matter. So, flash the cash, get a bed fit for a king and you’ll be sleeping like an angel in no time. Sweet dreams!

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