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Top EntrepreneurHandbook posts of 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, we at EntrepreneurHandbook wanted to reflect on the articles that our readers enjoyed the most this year. Here’s our list of the most popular posts on EH in 2015 divided by category – and why we think you loved them.

1. Startups – 100 business ideas you can start today for less than £5k

‘Starting a business is tough’, says author James Pursey. ‘It’s a long hard slog and statistically you’re destined to fail. But getting a business off the ground is only a problem you’ll face if you can come up with a business idea to begin with.’

Whether you’re trying to build the next Uber or just wanna make some money on the side, you’ve got to start somewhere. This exhaustive list is ideal for anyone struggling to come up with a unique idea for their business, and could use a nudge in the right direction.

Need more inspiration? Check out our follow-up post on the 60 online business ideas that you could start today.

2.  Sales – How to sell to supermarkets and retailers

Gone are the days when large retailers avoided partnering with small businesses to fill up their shelves. This article is all about perfecting your pitch to the nation’s leading supermarkets, and finding the right licensing model for your business.

There’s a big difference between supplying the retailer with branded and ‘white label’ products. Modifying your approach accordingly can be key to seeing your product on aisle 4 come next quarter.

3. Tech – The pros and cons of using open-source software

More and more developers are choosing to make their software’s source code publicly available. The end user, however, is often left with a barrage of unanswered questions, whether he’s thinking of implementing the software for his personal or professional use.

There are plenty of benefits to choosing open-source software for your business, it costing nothing not being the least of them. Still, knowing exactly what you can and can not expect from an open-source application is crucial to making the right long-term choice for your company.

4. Investment – Venture Capital, Seed & Early Stage Funds in the UK

There was a lot of talk this year about the impending ‘startup bubble’, but young entrepreneurs seem to be having none of it.

Our updated list of the leading venture capital funds in the UK remains a great resource for anyone looking to secure funding for their up-and-coming venture. The list includes both UK-centric and international VC firms, so no need to worry if your office space doesn’t overlook the Trafalgar Square.

5. Marketing – How to get your website noticed

What’s the point in splurging on a fantastic website if nobody can find it? This guide on SEO (search engine optimisation) is aimed at helping new webmasters climb their way to the front page of Google for the relevant query.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, be sure to check out our follow-up guide on the best on-page and off-page SEO practices.

6. Growth – 35 life hacks for freelancers

Being self-employed can be as daunting as it is liberating, especially if you’re just starting out.

In this article, we focus on 35 unique ways to jumpstart and maintain your freelancing career, regardless of your niche. Doing freelancing work is rarely as glamorous as it seems, but there are ways to make it easier on yourself and truly take joy in what you do.

7. Finance – A Guide to Understanding VAT

Nothing is certain but death and taxes, and the same goes for businesses.

Whether you’re running a bootstrapped startup or an established brick-and-mortar store, learning the intricacies of Value Added Tax is paramount. In this article, we decipher the VAT guidelines of the United Kingdom, and break down the three main schemes designed to simplify the process for small businesses.

8. Social Media – Starting up Twitter for your startup (in 9 easy steps)

It’s almost 2016, and yet properly utilizing social media remains a mystery for most companies.

This article answers both the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ of Twitter for businesses, helping aspiring startups identify their Twitter purpose and making the most of their online presence. Hashtag marketing isn’t going away any time soon, so becoming fluent in Twitter is more than just a fad: it’s common sense.


That’s it for our yearly roundup of the most popular posts on EntrepreneurHandbook in 2015. What other articles of ours did you enjoy reading this year? Tweet us at @EHandbook to let us know!

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