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5 Tips for motivating yourself

Learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your maximum potential in anything you do in business
David Friel

/ Last updated on 15th October 2017

I have always been into sports. Rowing, climbing, mountain biking, weights, the lot. I’ll give anything a go and get a total kick out of trying something new. From teamwork and motivation to discipline and the challenge, being a good sports person has taught me some important lessons.

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And it’s something I’ve taken to heart in all areas of life, including my career. A blast from the past – someone saying you can’t do something – is enough to put fire in your belly to succeed. So, how do my sportsmanship and motivation translate into business success? As a Sales and Marketing Director, it’s my job to keep my team motivated, communicating with one another and striving for more each and every day. Here are my top tips for motivating your business self:

1. Dogs sit, not people

I never sit down, especially in the office. I stand at my desk which keeps me on my toes all day, literally. How can you be motivated while slouching?! If my brain is active, I have to be active, period.

2. Lose the coffee, hit the gym

There is no doubt in my mind that working hard at the gym every morning sets you apart in the world of business. The average worker might start their day with a giant coffee. Me? I leave the gym 40 foot high on endorphins, ready to face any challenge the day throws at me.

3. Don’t just face your demons, smash them

I row every single day purely for the adrenaline rush you feel when you finish a fast 2,000, 5000 or 10,000 meters on the Concept 2. It’s not just about getting to the finish line, it’s about achieving a personal best every morning and striving for more each day.

4. Find a way or make one

I take this very literally. I even have a tattoo on my thigh that says ‘Find a way or make one’ in Latin. Nothing is impossible. You will never succeed in business if you don’t feel compelled to work hard for your achievements. Doing anything by half measures will only get you halfway to success.

5. Teamwork

A sport teaches you the importance of teamwork. In rowing, that’s everyone from the personal trainer to the crew. You must learn how to work together to achieve collective goals. Everyone on the team plays a vital role in your success. You are only as strong as your weakest member. No-one can do it alone. You can try, you may even get quite far, but ultimately it’s a team that wins.

At Adapt, the team is our most important asset. We are able to excel because of the knowledge and technical skills across the entire company. It’s important to respect the skill of different individuals and work to bring out the best in everyone. ‘Succeed together’ is the most important mantra in our business and is the most important motivational tip I can share with you. Sport has played a key role in shaping me as a businessman – and it will continue to positively impact my team and our company.

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