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List of private equity funds in Australia

A definitive list of private equity funds including details on their locations, investment levels, portfolio companies and contact points
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/ Last updated on 9th November 2017

Private equity funds provide late stage capital to established and hyper-growth businesses looking to aggressively expand. There are several major private equity funds based in Australia, and they are key instruments in the later stage of the startup eco-system.

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List of private equity funds

Accreation Investment Management

Accreation Investment Management is a later stage private equity firm, focusing on small-to-medium sized businesses.

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia/New Zealand

Investment Level: Not Known, for an undisclosed amount of equity.

Portfolio Companies: Frigrite, Berri, Australian Char – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Find all contact details here.

Anchorage Capital Partners

Anchorage Capital is a private equity firm who manage two funds with a total of $450M funds under management. Specialising in later stage companies that are currently not operating at their full potential.

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia

Investment Level: $25,000,000 – $250,000,000, except for property, mining, tech and/or biotech.

Portfolio Companies: Acrow, Solgen, First Engineering – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.

Advent Private Capital

Advent Private Capital are a fund management company focusing on everything from pension funds to superannuation funds, along with a wide range of industries from technology to tourism. The companies must have an enterprise value of $20 – 150 million.

Location: Melbourne Targeting: Australia

Investment Level: They take 33%-95% shareholding for $15 – 50 million equity cheque.

Portfolio Companies: Integrated, Trivantage, UGM Australia – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: All contact details, as well as a handy web form, are here.

Allegro Funds

Allegro Funds is a ten-year-old, independently owned $1.1bn fund investing in mid-market companies. The companies must have an enterprise value of up to $300,000,000.

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia & New Zealand

Investment Level: $10,000,000 – $50,000,000

Portfolio Companies: CH2, Custom, TSC Group – full list here.

Contact/Apply: All contact details here.

Archer Capital

Archer Capital are a leveraged buyout company specialising in small and mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand, with $2 billion in funds under management.

Location: Dawes Point Targeting: Australia & New Zealand

Investment Level: Complete buyout or an investment of $75m of equity or more

Portfolio Companies: QSRH, Brownes, V8 Supercars Australia – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Web form and contact details here.

Catalyst Investment

Catalyst is an independent private equity investment company investing in business with a value of $30,000,000 – $150,000,000. They are only investing in later-stage companies.

Location: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth Targeting: Australia

Investment Level: Later-Stage

Portfolio Companies: Morris Corp, Bhagwan Marine, Cirrus Media – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.

CHAMP Private Equity

CHAMP is one of the most successful private equity firms across Australasia, investing in a broad range of mid-market companies over a range of sectors – including: media, transport, industrial services, education, retailing, food and financial services.

Location: Brisbane | Sydney Targeting: Australasia | USA

Investment Level: Unknown

Portfolio Companies: Accolade Wines, ATF Services, Gerard Lighting – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact form here.

Crescent Capital Partners

Crescent Capital Partners are a private equity firm investing in a wide variety of middle-market companies across Australia and New Zealand, which are valued between $50,000,000 – $300,000,000.

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia | New Zealand

Investment Level: Unknown

Portfolio Companies: PrimePanels NZ, GroundProbe, Nude by Nature – full list here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details are here.

Direct Capital

Direct Capital is not strictly in Australia but they do finance companies in Australia. Direct Capital invests in privately owned companies which have an annual revenue of $30,000,000 – $300,000,000

Location: Auckland Targeting: Australia | New Zealand

Investment Level: $15,000,000 -$60,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Stratex, Hiway Group, PF Olsen Group – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact form and other contact details here.

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