Private equity funds in Australia


Private equity funds provide late stage capital to established and hyper-growth businesses looking to aggressively expand. There are several major private equity funds based in Australia, and they are key instruments in the later stage of the startup eco-system.

List of private equity funds

Accreation Investment ManagementAccreation

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia/New Zealand

Bio: Accreation Investment Management is a later stage private equity firm, focusing on small-to-medium sized businesses.

Investment Level: Not Known, for an undisclosed amount of equity.

Portfolio Companies: Frigrite, Berri, Australian Char – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Find all contact details here.

Anchorage Capital Anchorage

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia

Bio: Anchorage Capital is a private equity firm who manage two funds with a total of $450M funds under management. Specialising in later stage companies that are currently not operating at their full potential.

Investment Level: $30,000,000 – $100,000,000, except for property, mining, tech and/or biotech.

Portfolio Companies: Acrow, First Engineering, dicksmith – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.

Advent Private Capitaladvent

Location: Melbourne Targeting: Australia

Bio: Advent Private Capital are a fund management company focusing on everything from pension funds to superannuation funds, along with a wide range of industries from technology to tourism.

Investment Level: $30,000,000 to $150,000,000 for 33%-95%

Portfolio Companies: Orionstone, Trivantage, UGM Australia – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: All contact details, as well as a handy web form, are here.

Allegro FundsAllegro

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia

Bio: Allegro Funds are a ten-year-old, independently owned $1.1bn fund investing in mid-market companies. The companies must have an enterprise value of up to $100,000,000.

Investment Level: $15,000,000 – $35,000,000

Portfolio Companies: CH2, Custom Bus, TSC Group – full list here.

Contact/Apply: All contact details here.

Archer CapitaArcher Capital

Location: Dawes Point Targeting: Australia & New Zealand

Bio:  Archer Capital are a leveraged buyout company specialising in small and mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Investment Level: Complete buyout

Portfolio Companies: QSRH, Brownes Dairy, V8 Supercars Australia – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Web Form and contact details here.

Catalyst InvestmentCatalyst

Location: Melbourne | Sydney | Perth Targeting: Australia

Bio: Catalyst is an independent private equity investment company investing in business with a value of $30,000,000 – $150,000,000. They are only investing in later-stage companies.

Investment Level: Later-Stage

Portfolio Companies: Morris Corporation, Bhagwan Marine, Cirrus Media – Full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact details here.

CHAMP Private EquityChamp Private Equity

Location: Brisbane | Sydney Targeting: Australasia | USA

Bio: CHAMP is one of the most successful private equity firms across Australasia, investing in a broad range of mid-market companies over a range of sectors – including; media, transport, industrial services, education, retailing, food and financial services.

Investment Level: Unknown

Portfolio Companies: Accolade Wines, ATF Services, Ooh! Media – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact Form here.

Crescent Capital Partnerscrescent capital partners

Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia | New Zealand

Bio: Crescent Capital Partners are a more private equity firm investing in a wide variety of middle-market companies across Australia and New Zealand, which are valued between $50,000,000 – $300,000,000.

Investment Level: Unknown

Portfolio Companies: Cover-More, GroundProbe, Nude by Nature – full list here.

Contact/Apply: All of their contact details are here.

Direct Capitaldirect capital

Location: Auckland Targeting: Australia | New Zealand

Bio: Okay, so not strictly in Australia, they do finance companies in Australia. Direct Capital invest in privately owned companies which have an annual revenue of $30,000,000 – $300,000,000

Investment Level: $15,000,000 -$60,000,000

Portfolio Companies: Stratex, Hiway Group, PF Olsen Group – full list here.

Contact/Apply: Contact form and other contact details here.