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    Apple iPhone sales plateau for the first time in history… why?

    new iPhone sales starts

    Apple has ‘the mother of all balance sheets’. So said Tim Cook recently, on the release of disappointing quarterly results that show iPhone sales slowing, which is causing concern among markets. Pessimistic spread bettors may be congratulating themselves after a slide of some 20% over the last six months and a further drop of 2.7% […]

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    Top 10 marketing automation tools for small businesses


    Marketing automation can be an incredible time and money saver for any business. It allows employees to remove the human error element and to use their time on other tasks. It’s also effective for streamlining several areas of your marketing campaign such as: creating consistency in your branding message, generating quicker response times and tracking […]

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    Easy project management for small businesses


    Here’s a quick quiz question: What does every entrepreneur and business have? The answer: goals. But, how to do you meet these goals? More often than not it starts with a project. When it comes to managing projects, the two main challenges business leaders and their teams face are often lack of time and expertise. Many […]

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    How to succeed at networking events


    Networking can prove to be a huge challenge for even the most social of us. There are many different behaviours, social cues and personal skills that need to be used to make the most out of any networking event for you and your business. You may feel as though you need to be an extrovert […]

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    source{d} connects with 3 developers a minute


    What originally started as Tyba, an Airbnb for the startup jobs market which is still successfully running has given birth to something quite special, source{d}. Originally conceived to find the Tyba team better developers, source{d} quickly evolved into a business in its own right that allows companies to find the right developers for them, based […]

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    Set and achieve SMART marketing objectives


    Some marketers have become kings of generic goal-setting. Hiding behind buzzwords has replaced planning and actionable steps, leading to so many promising projects and creative ad campaigns positively failing to impress. Once again, we as marketers need to get SMART about our own objectives. The word ‘SMART’ however, refers to more than just raw intelligence […]

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    The importance of personas and user journeys

    User journey

    If you want to build a valued product that you can be sure your customers will love, you first need to understand who your customer is. Behaviour, motivations and needs are all factors that need to be discovered in order to create the correct journey. Key takeaways: Understanding the customer saves time in the long run; By […]

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    How to build a powerful sales pipeline


    It doesn’t matter how good of a salesperson you are – most of your prospects just aren’t ready to buy from the get-go. To influence their buying decision, you have to gently navigate your leads through all the different stages of your sales funnel and to do that in the most efficient way possible, you’re […]

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    How to pick a co-founder for your business


    Lack of team cohesion is consistently quoted as one of the biggest reasons why so many startups fail. Picking a co-founder can be just as important to your company’s success as having a solid, market-validated idea. With that in mind, here are three steps to finding the right partner for your business and making a […]