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    What are the benefits of B2B event marketing?

    Sheep Race

    Generally speaking, event marketing is the process of creating a themed display, conference, exhibit, or presentation to promote a cause, service, product, or company. This definition is focused on describing events as a marketing vehicle for stimulating sales, brand awareness and other KPIs. The activities and channels generally used to market events can be both […]

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    What is lead generation?

    Lead generation 101-min

    Lead generation (also referred to colloquially as lead gen) is the process of driving and capturing interest in a product or service with the purpose of driving sales. A lead by itself is a potential client who is qualified and interested in your product or service and is what we call sales ready, that is ready to […]

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    How to leverage employee absence data


    Despite the various economic obstacles and the complexity of running a business in 2017, managing absence remains one of the biggest challenges for HR professionals all over the world. According to the Working in America: Absent Workforce study by Harris Interactive, almost 40% of employees call in sick to work during one year for reasons […]

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    16 Event marketing tips


    Are you planning an event around one of your brands or business? Great decision, events are one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of ROI, allowing you to build brand awareness, generate leads, up-sell customers and educate your market. But even if you’ve chosen the perfect date and a venue this strategy will […]

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    An entrepreneurial approach to online trading


    First, understand that online trading is not the same as making a purchase from a local retailer through set prices. Investments are always placed in real-time where bidding is then carried out by the sellers and buyers. If you want to trade online, there are some ground rules you must abide by to achieve your […]

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    Make it as a successful blogger


    Since the early 2000s the blogger space has become a fiercely competitive place, to make it as a blogger today you can’t just be a good writer. You need a lot more besides writing skills, you need to be as tenacious as you possibly can. From our experience over the years, here are the six […]

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    The safety of your data is in your own hands

    businessman pointing finger chose you

    When you think of phone theft, you might think of someone physically stealing your mobile. However, with our whole lives now saved to our phones, we should be more concerned with identity hackers stealing our personal information, not just the phone itself. While it might feel secure to use a Wi-Fi hotspot in a café, […]

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    Top 10 UK hospitality events


    In the fast-paced world of 21st-century business, there is little time to slow down and take some well-earned respite with your employees and clients to enjoy their company and build some crucial bonds. Corporate hospitality can offer this time out and allow you to get to know your working peers and clients. But with such […]

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    Online trading, the 101


    Since the beginning of the Internet and the dawn of the digital age, the global trading landscape has been flipped upside down. If it were a coin, most traders would agree it landed on the best side. Over time, a prosperous online world has emerged, enticing people to engage and promising the chance to cash […]

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    What is a registered agent?


    The owners of a business often cannot be physically present in each state in which they do business. For this reason, business owners need a responsible third party who is designated to receive any important legal or tax documents that may be presented to a corporation within a given state. What is a registered agent?  […]