162 websites with amazing free stock photos & images

Finding the perfect free stock photos for any creative project can be a nightmare. You can spend hours searching for websites providing images that only just meet your visual criteria. Then you have to check attribution details, copyright licenses and if you can even download images in the size you need. Fortunately, you can now quickly find the perfect source of free images for your project using our detailed list of the 162 best free stock photos websites in existence. Jump to the list by clicking here or scroll below for some detailed notes on how to search, browse and use this list ... Read more

What benefits can cloud bring to workforce management?

Having the right tools and technology in place is essential for any business serious about growing and even more so for those looking to achieve rapid growth. The commercial, operational and financial aspects of any business are all areas where advances in technology are having a huge impact. The advent of cloud computing, coupled with big data and mobile technology, means it’s easier than ever for businesses to optimise the way they operate and have more ‘intelligence’ on how they are performing. Whether it’s a CRM system like Salesforce, inbound marketing software like HubSpot or workforce management software like Quinyx, ... Read more

Sources of business finance

Often when you’re looking to start or expand a business there is one major barrier, money. So the question is how do you raise the finance needed to fund your endeavour? With a good deal of research is the general answer, and with the list of popular finance options explained in detail below, we hope to make your journey to gaining finance a bit easier. Loans Loans typically allow you to borrow an agreed sum of money and pay it back over a certain period with interest. There are two major types of loans: Secured business loans: The borrower of ... Read more

Make sure you’re starting for the right reasons

Before you start a business, you should be absolutely clear about why you are doing it. That may sound obvious, but there are actually many reasons why someone should choose to turn their back on the security of a job and career for the uncertainty of starting a business. So the clearer you are about what exactly you are trying to achieve, the better chance you have of achieving it. Related: Starting a business  Common reasons for starting To pursue a passion, interest or hobby To be your own boss To prove – often to someone you know – that ... Read more

47 Best management books for entrepreneurs

Effective management is critical to your success as a business leader, yet it’s an area where many business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our 47 most recommended management books including actionable guides, biographies of great leaders/managers, scientific research into management and much more to support you on the way to becoming a management expert. Related: Management The First-Time Manager The book is an extremely practical guide to management skills and techniques the author has developed and cultivated over time to get, keep and progress to his dream job. It’s a perfect handbook and dive into ... Read more

3 Advertising tips for small businesses

If you want to obtain good results from your advertising campaigns, the first thing you need to do is be realistic. Finding inexpensive channels that reach a target audience directly is extremely difficult but remains a typical expectation for most newbies to digital advertising. This is why budgeting is critical when it comes to advertising, since maximising the ROI of any advertising campaign is greatly dependent on how well funds are allocated and optimised over time to increase conversion and overall sales of your product or service. Aside from budget, it’s critical to collect data throughout your campaigns and optimise ... Read more

7 Challenges of first-time entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be tough. Having the business idea is obviously a great start, but getting that idea off the ground, making it a success and maintaining that success is a real challenge. As an entrepreneur, you’ll come up against a whole host of hurdles – some that can be worked through relatively easily – but some that are especially difficult to overcome. If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, or you have a business idea that you’re keen on running with, you should be prepared for these challenges: Financing First and foremost it’s financing. How you finance ... Read more

Different types of events: Webinars, networking sessions…

Choosing the right type of event is crucial in determining the success of your event strategy, here’s an overview of the types and formats that are most popular and why they work well. Related: How to plan for a successful event Webinars (Online) Webinars are focused on presentations, workshops or seminars held online that typically last no more than an hour, they can be held in real time or recorded. If you’re choosing this format, real time is a better investment as it will allow you to engage and interact with your audience actively. Live Streaming (Online) Livestreams are done alongside a ... Read more

Telemarketing vs email marketing

Lead generation has drastically changed over the years, and the process of contacting leads and best practices are constantly in flux. Method-wise our first point of call is contacting a prospect by e-mail initially, but many firms still operate by calling directly as the first point of contact, so what’s the difference and more importantly, what’s better? Related: Cold calling – don’t shiver, deliver! Telemarketing Odds are you’ve received an unexpected call at some point in your life where someone is trying to sell you something. Many telemarketing lead generation firms still operate in this way but times have changed, ... Read more

Advice on sales pipeline management

First, off we’re not going to tell you how to create and manage the perfect pipeline, why? Because it’s completely company and product/service specific. There is no one size fits all, but we will go through a few key areas that we’ve seen are critical to managing a pipeline effectively to maximise conversion. Related: How to build a powerful sales pipeline Sales measurement & tracking Without understanding the vitals of your leads and clients, and what data you should measure, there’s no way to manage your pipeline efficiently. A few key areas you should track include, stage of prospect, timeline/communication ... Read more

Event planning & marketing mistakes

Planning an event especially for business can be a very tricky endeavour, here are some of the critical mistakes you should avoid ensuring a successful event. Related: Business and startup events/conferences Too much or too little catering To underestimate and overestimate the catering needed for an event is one of the most common mistakes we see. Attendees won’t have a good experience if there are not enough refreshments and on the other side, an overestimation could blow a hole in your budget as catering is one of the largest and often overlooked costs. As a final note, if your event ... Read more

What are qualified leads?

In lead generation, leads are companies who have expressed interest in your specific offering (product or service). Qualified leads also have expressed interest but also meet certain criteria set by you to gauge their level of interest and ability to purchase your product or service. Qualifying leads is a great way to understand the value in your sales pipeline at any one point and make sure your sales team is focused on closing high-value leads. Typically when dealing with lead generation there are two major types of leads. Marketing qualified lead (MQL) Can be defined as a prospect who has expressed ... Read more