Looking for a job in tech? We spoke to Hired.com

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So how exactly do the biggest names in tech find and hire new talent? I don’t know about you, but I’ve yet to see a single ad by Zuckerberg in my local Craigslist classifieds (hit me up anytime, Mark).


The fact is we might all have been hiring wrong. Whether you run a fortune 500 company or operate a local ice cream startup, the same issues come up. Businesses lack direct access to top candidates and the internal means to track them down. As a result, they usually have to hire within their own network or seek help from outside recruiters. Either way, you’re counting on luck or borrowed expertise to find the right fit for your own venture. And you bought a brand new ice cream stand, with wheels and everything.

Enter Hired, a company with a mission of helping everyone source and hire the talent they need. The premise is simple: connect budding companies with a specialised workforce, fast. Yet the pitch more than resonated with the disgruntled Valley executives. On average, hiring a new employee takes 2-3 months or about a lifetime in startup years. Hired was able to trim the median hiring time to just 19 days. Zuckerberg’s company and quite a few others were more than intrigued.

For employers, the two-sided platform solves most of the contemporary recruitment problems. Lack of talent visibility? Hired does the vetting process for you and features a curated batch of candidates on the site. Second-guessing your hiring acumen? Easily compare all the competing job offers, so you know exactly what you’re up against.

Still, a good resume doesn’t mean a person will fit your own company culture. Joe may know the difference between stracciatella and grape-nut, but does he really share your vision of a mobile ice cream empire? That’s why Hired pays extra attention to traits like team size preference and workflow management. The more you know about a candidate, the easier it is to imagine him fitting in (or not).

For the top 5-10% of candidates that make it through curation and onto the platform, Hired is also a dream come true. At the moment, the company’s primary focus is on in-demand tech and sales positions. Still, rapid vertical expansion plans loom.

Each applicant gets appointed a Talent Advocate, with the only task of finding him the best job possible. Advocates get evaluated by applicants themselves rather than any specific hiring metric. This way, the coaching is unbiased, and the focus is 100% on finding Joe the company where he truly belongs.

Once that job is secured, Hired sends over a bottle of champagne so the candidate can celebrate in style. Oh, and a $2000 (£1200) bonus for finding an employer on their platform. Dream come true, indeed.

So far, the company has worked with both massive industry disruptors and traditional SME’s. Facebook, Amazon, Ebay, Github and many others have tried the platform since the March launch. In total, over 4000 companies are now using Hired to, well, hire. From San Francisco, the platform has expanded to most major US cities, and is now looking to go global.

Recently, the team launched Hired.co.uk, to effectively cater to the British workforce. 400+ UK companies are already signed up, including Financial Times, MarketInvoice, Duedil and more.