How to manage a to-do list for your business

Knowing how to keep yourself concentrated and accomplish everything that you planned is not rocket science. All it involves is the art of making a to-do list. Bloomberg Businessweek says, “Hours are wasted transferring information, second guessing what to do next and worrying about what might be forgotten”. With an array of dispersed sticky notes and notepads, it is hard to keep track of tasks. Alongside all this, the constant barrage of emails and keeping numerous planners and calendars further complicate your task.

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Due to all these reasons, you need to have the acumen to make an organised, accurate to-do list. This is vital for keeping track of all your business activities and daily or monthly targets. You can then go about your tasks in a measured way. When you achieve your goals, a sense of reward enhances your self-confidence and helps your mood get better.

If done the wrong way, a to-do list can further confound things and twist your goals into an unattainable mess. By following our tips, you can ensure that the goals are accomplished, and you tick off more on your to-do list each day.

Learn the best list-making method

The first step to manage more each day is to create a list. Avoid making errors as an erroneous first step will hamper further progress. After this, think of an option that will help you keep track of your work. This could be Google Drive, DropBox, or you can just use your computer, laptop, or a pen and paper to organise. Just use whatever you are comfortable with.

Apart from this, know when to make your to-do list. Always try to write it off a night before an important day. Trying to recall your tasks the next day can take time off your schedule. You can use this extra time to do other tasks or just to compose yourself. This also reduces the risk of forgetting any task.

Write everything down

Once you’re done with the preliminaries, sit down in a comfortable place, relax, and start jotting down your errands. Doing this task in an environment with heaps of distractions can make you forget tasks. Look in your journals and diaries to see if you’ve missed something. Also, go through the post-its and emails to check and make sure you’ve got everything on the list.


A long to-do list can be overwhelming, and hence you should make separate to-do lists for daily, weekly and monthly tasks. This way, you can break down larger objectives into small, attainable chunks. Once you realise these goals, you get a sense of accomplishment and a surge of happiness.

Incomplete tasks: a recipe for disaster

To start marking ticks on that list, you need to be sure you’ve completed one task before you move on to the next one. Monitor the time you take for each task and then adjust your speed accordingly. If you have time for accomplishing more tasks in the same day, you can start those. Don’t break the momentum by trying to multi-task and give each task the focus it deserves.

In the end, remember to reward yourself and keep your list refreshed and updated with new tasks. Take breaks in the middle of work as this can prevent you from burning out entirely.

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