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How Google Glass will change how you do business

Discover how Google Glass and augmented reality over the next few decades will change the way you do business
Heather Hargreaves

/ Last updated on 30th October 2017

A girl riding a bike with a virtual reality headset on

Since smartphones first came onto the scene in 2007, portable technology has changed the way we do business. Fast forward to 2014 and wearable technology is set to become the new game-changer, with the wearables market expected to exceed $1.5 billion in 2014. Daniel Baek, Managing Director at Nodes, believes wearable tech will change our everyday lives. “Tech will transform from something we actively use to a more seamless integrated experience that is “on” all the time….Google (Glass) Now is a good example of what is coming.” We take a look at Google Glass to see how it will change how we do business and attract customers and clients.

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What can Google Glass do?

Google Glass has mass appeal for both consumers and businesses alike. This tiny but powerful tech wear packs in Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, speakers and microphone, as well as a screen the size of your finger. Google Glass presents an array of features to improve efficiency and help manage busy inboxes and work schedules. You can access map directions, read the latest news and traffic reports, attend meetings with Google Hangouts, and respond to emails with voice command. Google launched on Monday a new Glass at Work programme, designed to help start-ups and businesses create new ways to serve their customers and reach their business goals. Some companies have already teamed up with Google Glass to drive their businesses forward.

How Virgin uses Google Glasses

Virgin Airways, often a pioneer in implementing new technology, has already started testing Google Glass. Virgin hopes to speed up the check-in process by identifying passengers as well as translating relevant information into a variety of languages. Google Glass will also be of benefit to passengers, who can use the glasses to access real-time maps of the airports, flight and gate information. Dave Bulman, director of IT at Virgin Atlantic is optimistic in how Google Glass will impact Virgin’s future business model. “By being the first in the industry to test how Google Glass and other wearable technology can improve customer experience, we’re upholding Virgin Atlantic’s long tradition of shaking things up and putting innovation at the heart of the flying experience.”

Increase productivity and improve safety

Google Glass can also greatly increase your productivity. The medical profession has adopted Google Glass to assist in specialised protocols, from diagnosing diseases to allowing doctors to easily look up patient records without carrying a tablet or papers. The NYPD has also adopted Google Glass into its everyday activities, using them to monitor surveillance, access driving and criminal records, and transmit information to other officers on the scene.

Attract and retain customers

As entrepreneurs will know, it’s important to see the benefits for your clients and customers as well as the business. Consumers are eagerly awaiting the general release of Google Glasses. While they won’t come cheap (expected to retail at $1,500), this has never been a deterrent for new technology before, as seen by the success of tablets and smartphones. Anticipating your customer’s needs ensures you stay one step ahead of your competitors. The Washington Capitals, an ice-hockey team, created a fan experience where real-time stats, instant replay, and different camera angles were all brought directly to fans via Google Glass. That means if a fan leaves the game to get some food or go to the bathroom, or are sitting far back, they can keep up and see all the live action on their glasses. You can also send snapshots and videos to friends. Another example of a company implementing Google Glass is Las Vegas Air Conditioning, who offer customers a live stream of their repairment via their iPads. This way, customers can follow the repair process step-by-step as well as watching instructional videos.

Improve client relations

By receiving information through glass, technicians and busy salespeople can keep their hands free while accessing a wealth of information from customer details to step-by-step instructional videos from wherever they are. With clients, you can capture your meetings, dictate memos on the go, and create and view transcribed scripts for interviews or internal meetings. From sales and training to improving customer service, Google Glass presents itself as a piece of cutting-edge technology that will help you stand out from the crowd.

In short – billions will be saved over the next decade by Google Glass

Gartner has predicted that Google Glass and similar gadgets will save companies billions of pounds per year within the next three to five years simply by improving efficiency. So businesses, take note! Stay attentive to emerging technological trends and be the first in your community to optimise data and improve client and customer relations. Google Glass can enhance your customer experience and improve business efficiency. Impress your clients and please your customers. The future of your business counts on it.

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