E-mail marketing, is it still the golden goose? 

E-mail Inbox in blue

Inbound marketing (Search, Social and E-mail) have often been hailed as the key marketing avenues to drive traffic and the three pillars upon which you should build your online marketing strategy. E-mail among these areas has always been shown to be the highest converting in terms of ROI.

In essence, if you have a large high-quality mailing list, you should be able to repeatedly drive relevant traffic and purchases but is this still the case? Yes, but with the rise of spam filter, black hat marketing tactics and general idiocy you need to be a whole lot cleverer about your e-marketing campaigns. So here are four tips that will help you build a high ROI mailing list:

1. Subject Header

Make sure your subject header is relevant and shows who you are. It’s not all about being catchy and having a hook. You want to build a relationship of trust with the person you’re e-mailing, make clear the content of the e-mail and who it’s coming from. Sounds simple but many people miss this!

The downside of not doing this is you’ll have a high bounce rate on e-mails, and you may get marked as spam, ultimately if enough people mark you as spam your destined to the spam box for a long time!

2. Honest Captures

Do not promise what you can’t deliver! If your using e-mail captures in your site (if you’re not, you should be) then make sure your message is on point and you’re providing what you’re saying! All too often e-mail captures make claims and deliver irrelevant content/ info to the reader. This is pointless you’ll end up being marked as spam and not gaining any value from the reader. Make sure your capture text is clear, concise and true!

3. Online Campaign Management

Are your measuring your open rate, bounce rate, social sharing and sending time? These and a myriad of other areas you should be tracking and optimising so your emails convert better and better each time. There is a range of online campaign management tools for mailing lists out there, make sure you have one! Data and tools are kings in running successful and professional e-mail campaigns. (Few good services for this: Mailchimp, sendinblue, Mailjet…)

4. Buyer Beware!

Have you ever been offered access to buy e-mails? Don’t! Apart from the fact it may be illegal in your country, the quality of these lists is usually very low if anything at all. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Building your mailing list is about capturing relevant users who are interested in your product/ service/ content, there are no shortcuts!

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