Datastorm Launch – Data-driven sales, marketing and investment solutions


We’re excited after a year in stealth to announce the official launch of Datastorm. Started in early 2015 as a spin-off from Entrepreneur Handbook, Datastorm as a concept was born out of the most manual tasks you could imagine. We were working in finding and vetting technology startups for a well-known technology client’s growth program.

The entire prospecting and analysis process was manual but extremely accurate and it produced great results for the client in terms of quality and growth but it wasn’t scalable.

We realised at the time that human intelligence was critical in the decision-making process if we wanted to deliver fantastic work but that machine intelligence in many areas could be used to provide speed, efficiency and in some places, provide more accurate decisions than people could.

Thus Datastorm was born after some heavy development time, providing data-driven sales, marketing and investment solutions powered by man and machine.

A lot has changed since early 2015, we’re now working for some of the world’s largest corporations in a range of areas. We’re providing several niche services where we’ve found we can make a serious impact, specifically:

Event Attendee Marketing – Delivering qualified audiences for events between 100-500 attendees, maximising event ROI.

Lead generation & Outreach – Developing sales pipelines and campaigns that bring in qualified B2B customers ready to buy.

Investment & Acquisition Prospecting – Delivering investment and acquisition opportunities for early stage and corporate investors.

Innovation Consulting – Consultancy supporting sustainable growth and innovation across sales, marketing, investment, operations…

In the future, there is much to come apart from some serious backend development, we’re also launching several Saas platforms powered by datastorm.

It’s exciting times, if you’re interested in Datastorm, have feedback/advice or simply just want to chat please feel free to reach out to myself or our GM, Celeste at [email protected].

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