How contractors can support startups

Man staring at architectural plans on tracks of large piece of equipment.

As a start-up, things need to be lean. Money has to be used sensibly, and you need to get the most bang for your buck. As a result, hiring the right people can be a big concern. But have you ever considered contract recruitment for a start-up situation rather than permanent people? There are quite a few reasons why it’s well worth considering.

Flexibility of contractors

Start-up situations often require a fair bit of flexibility, so getting contractors in, means you can flex your muscle when you need to. More to do, get a contractor on board! The big benefit here being that you aren’t tied to a continuous wage should belts tighten.

Contracting for speed

If your workload suddenly ramps up, you’ll need someone quickly. Getting a permanent employee on board can take months, whereas a contractor can often be on board within a week – and sometimes just a day or two!

Bringing in skills

As things change, you may need different skill sets to compliment the stage you are at with your project. The problem being, you may not need those skills forever. A contractor can be added to the team with the skills you need for as long as you need them.

Motivated to work

One of the benefits of being a contractor is that you work on a variety of new and exciting projects. And as an employer of a contractor, you get to benefit from that. Getting a contractor on board means you are unlikely to be dealing with a person who is not motivated.

Dedicated time to your business

Most contractors take holidays and breaks between contracts. As a result, you are likely to get someone who will work every day of the time you need them for.

Less worry over tax

Contractors often look after their own tax and national insurance contributions, so that’s another burden off your shoulders.

Less distraction

If you do get a new project in, a new or unexpected piece of work, or any other reason for getting a contractor, the contractor can take care of it. That means less distraction for your permanent employees. So, as you can see, plenty of reasons to use contractors in a start-up scenario. And it’s unlikely that’s all of them! Contractors are a great source of talent for many businesses. Our advice to any startup, or any business for that matter, would be to consider contractors rather than always going for permanent staff because that’s what they are used to.