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162 websites with amazing free stock photos & images

Finding the perfect free stock photos for any creative project can be a nightmare. You can spend hours searching for websites providing images that only just meet your visual criteria. Then you have to check attribution details, copyright licenses and if you can even download images in the size you need. Fortunately, you can now quickly find the perfect source of free images for your project using our detailed list of the 162 best free stock photos websites in existence, enjoy! As the list is gigantic you can also find detailed notes on how to search and use it efficiently ... Read more

3 Advertising tips for small businesses

If you want to obtain good results from your advertising campaigns, the first thing you need to do is be realistic. Finding inexpensive channels that reach a target audience directly is extremely difficult but remains a typical expectation for most newbies to digital advertising. This is why budgeting is critical when it comes to advertising, since maximising the ROI of any advertising campaign is greatly dependent on how well funds are allocated and optimised over time to increase conversion and overall sales of your product or service. Aside from budget, it’s critical to collect data throughout your campaigns and optimise ... Read more

Different types of events: Webinars, networking sessions…

Choosing the right type of event is crucial in determining the success of your event strategy, here’s an overview of the types and formats that are most popular and why they work well. Related: How to plan for a successful event Webinars (Online) Webinars are focused on presentations, workshops or seminars held online that typically last no more than an hour, they can be held in real time or recorded. If you’re choosing this format, real time is a better investment as it will allow you to engage and interact with your audience actively. Live Streaming (Online) Livestreams are done alongside a ... Read more

Event planning & marketing mistakes

Planning an event especially for business can be a very tricky endeavour, here are some of the critical mistakes you should avoid ensuring a successful event. Related: Business and startup events/conferences Too much or too little catering To underestimate and overestimate the catering needed for an event is one of the most common mistakes we see. Attendees won’t have a good experience if there are not enough refreshments and on the other side, an overestimation could blow a hole in your budget as catering is one of the largest and often overlooked costs. As a final note, if your event ... Read more

Marketing channels for event promotion

There is a wide range of channels used when marketing an event online and offline, below you’ll find an overview of the most popular and effective. Related: Small business conferences and events list Pay per click (Online) PPC focuses on reaching a target audience through internet search. For instance, when you Google the term “event marketing” you’ll see several results at the top of the page above the main area, these are pay per click adverts and you pay a set amount every time someone clicks your ad. The idea is that the specific search the person who clicks makes, will ... Read more

What are the benefits of B2B event marketing?

Generally speaking, event marketing is the process of creating a themed display, conference, exhibit, or presentation to promote a cause, service, product, or company. This definition is focused on describing events as a marketing vehicle for stimulating sales, brand awareness and other KPIs. Related: List of business conferences and events in the UK The activities and channels generally used to market events can be both offline and online, including display advertising, PPC, e-mail, social media, leafletting, face to face networking and outdoors advertising (such as billboards or posters). Events can also be offline or online, this includes networking events, conferences, ... Read more

16 Event marketing tips

Are you planning an event around one of your brands or business? Great decision, events are one of the most effective marketing channels in terms of ROI, allowing you to build brand awareness, generate leads, up-sell customers and educate your market. But even if you’ve chosen the perfect date and a venue this strategy will only be successful if you manage to draw in the right audience. If you’re not sure how to start, here are 16 quick tips on pre-event marketing. Focus on the event page The first step is to have a clear, concise and compelling value proposition that resonates ... Read more

Make it as a successful blogger

Since the early 2000s the blogger space has become a fiercely competitive place, to make it as a blogger today you can’t just be a good writer. You need a lot more besides writing skills, you need to be as tenacious as you possibly can. From our experience over the years, here are the six key areas that likely determine your success as a blogger or not. Related: List of free stock photo websites You need to make a living If you’re ever planning to make it long term as a blogger you’re going to need to develop multiple income ... Read more

How to sell more using funny photos on Instagram

How do you attract a large flow of target customers when you seemingly have already tried everything that you can think of? Instagram! It’s not just any social network where people share photos of their food, pet, etc. It is also the most promising source and tool for customer acquisition for business today. Why? You connect with the audience with the help of photos (which has already been proven to be more effective than any other type of content); The social network is designed for the audience that does not put away their beloved smartphone (and this is the underlying ... Read more

LinkedIn, it’s time to go all in

In the years before subscription based shavers and socks, Facebook (FB) was a great land where marketers could work hard and grow huge followings. Then as many people will know this all changed, Facebook began to update its algorithm substantially and diminished the reach for marketers. This was done under the guise of providing better/more targeted content for people using Facebook, an overall better experience. In reality, this was a small reason for the first of many algorithms to come, the real reason was that investors/shareholders were pressuring Facebook to generate a lot more revenue and that meant they needed more people buying ... Read more

Google, common-sense & SEO

First off as the title suggests, much of SEO/ gaining decent search rankings is common sense. It still amazes me the number of people who, when publishing a new piece of content don’t apply a basic thought process to marketing. Well, here are our five common-sense tips for getting those all-important Google Rankings. Related: How to get your website noticed How would I search for this? Of course, you can always go to the Google traffic planner and get rough search estimates on keywords/ ideas, and we always recommend this but also think about how you would search for what ... Read more

Top 10 marketing automation tools for small businesses

Marketing automation can be an incredible time and money saver for any business. It allows employees to remove the human error element and to use their time on other tasks. It’s also effective for streamlining several areas of your marketing campaign such as: creating consistency in your branding message, generating quicker response times and tracking valuable customer data to improve targeted marketing strategies and more. Related: How to get your website noticed You can automate web content, email, social media and SMS. If you’d like to automate all of these areas you might want to consider a suite program. If ... Read more