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47 Best management books for entrepreneurs

Effective management is critical to your success as a business leader, yet it’s an area where many business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle with. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our 47 most recommended management books including actionable guides, biographies of great leaders/managers, scientific research into management and much more to support you on the way to becoming a management expert. Related: Management The First-Time Manager The book is an extremely practical guide to management skills and techniques the author has developed and cultivated over time to get, keep and progress to his dream job. It’s a perfect handbook and dive into ... Read more

HR for startups: Here’s what you’re doing wrong

The fact that most businesses fail within five years is hardly news for anyone with a pulse on the startup community. In fact, quite the opposite is true nowadays. Related: 47 best management books With how much the figure gets thrown around the endless growth-hack seminars and local tech meetups, startup implosions often feel like a self-fulfilling prophecy. And since most founders choose to ignore even the basic principles of HR from the very get-go, it can be hard to argue the opposite. Why there’s no ‘hacking’ HR for startups Every founder feels like he’s working against the clock. Market ... Read more

Maximising the various communication tools

Never before in the course of human history have we had more communication tools available to us. Where before we were limited to grunting and sharing our thoughts via cave paintings, now we have any number of ways to express ourselves. This section covers the myriad communication vehicles available to you and helps you determine which vehicle is most likely to engage your employees. Face to face At the end of the day, nothing beats good, old-fashioned, face-to-face communication. Why? Because face time eliminates assumptions, allows for body language, and enables real-time give and take. This medium is almost always ... Read more

4 Ways leaders create a positive work environment

You have your start-up, you have a team, now what? Before you start firing off in all directions giving orders, stop to think about what kind of environment you want to create for your team. The start-up industry is highly competitive for talent, so the onus is on you to make sure your team is happy, engaged, and doing great work. Related: Best management books for leaders Here are four things you can implement to create a positive team environment. 1. Let them be free If you’ve ever had a micromanaging boss, you know what it feels like. I’ve had ... Read more

How to improve morale and productivity in the workplace

With job numbers rising, the economy creeping back to recovery and business confidence improving with each day, things are looking positive for the UK’s business owners. Indeed, with a record of 526,446 British startups having been launched in 2013, entrepreneurs around the country have every right to aim for growth in 2014. However, Avanta’s recent research suggests there are still areas where businesses could be doing more to improve their productivity, particularly when it comes to issues around the workplace. Related: Reading for leaders and effective managers A recent survey of 1,000 UK office workers, for instance, found that the ... Read more

How to engage with your employees

When I started leading a team, I did an exercise with one of my groups. We made a “Goal Plan” (picture “vision board meets 5-year plan”). Related: Learn more about great books on management The purpose was to list out what we wanted to accomplish (sales, clients, size, products) big to small (what tech would we use, website traffic, roles). Over the next 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5+. I encouraged the team to dream, but dream BIG. In the end, I think we had offices in 6 countries across the world. I then put the poster on ... Read more

A guide to employment law in the UK

Your people are at the heart of your business. There are a number of factors to consider in respect of employees to ensure you are operating within the law. Related: Commercial law firms in the UK 1. Contracts of employment 1.1 An employee must be given written terms of employment, which can either be a simple printed form or (particularly when restrictions on competing activities, non-solicitation and non-dealing are to be imposed) a detailed legal agreement. Non-EU nationals will require a work permit to be able to work in the UK. For a short form employment contract, you can adapt ... Read more

How to work with developers and coders

Unlike the Twinkies you stockpiled in the pantry, the enthusiasm developers have for a new project has limited shelf life. When it fades, the motivation is gone, and the project slowly goes as sour as two-week-old milk. But when developers are high on inspiration, their productivity goes through the roof. During my career, I’ve worked on both sides of the table—as a contractor being managed and as a client managing the contractor. The biggest lesson I learned is that you need to do everything you can to keep the developers happy and to make their life easier. That’s the only ... Read more

How to become a better boss

Let’s start with identity because it is the most central, as well as the most puzzling, part of the story. If we go back to the workers at Northern Plant, their behaviour didn’t make much sense from Mike’s corporate viewpoint. After all, the new practices he was trying to implement were going to make the plant more productive (thereby safeguarding jobs) and they were supposed to help workers develop broader skill sets and become more involved in their work. Unfortunately, the workers didn’t see it that way – what they saw was a threat to the identity they had developed ... Read more

The Appraisly startup journey

Appraisly now, unfortunately, seems to have shut down. Check out our interview section for more startup stories. Appraisly was co-founded in the second quarter of 2013 by two passionate entrepreneurs James Strickland and Nik Lygkonis. Appraisly is all about employee appraisals and employee performance management. Having worked in several large organisations, we have had the chance to use difference employee performance software and experienced first hand that they do not add value to the employer or the employee. Primarily because the processes used have not changed much since the Jack Welch era. As we moved towards an online socially connected society, ... Read more

How to be a great manager

The success of the Dilbert and The Office are a testament to an enduring problem in the workplace: bad management. Studies have shown that employees who are unhappy with their manager are more likely to disengage, exit, and even suffer health problems. Related: Business training courses Why is there so much bad management out there? Over the last five years, I have asked many executives for their views on this question. A common answer is that the system is to blame –dealing with corporate bureaucracy pulls us away from our role as a manager of others, and it doesn’t reward ... Read more

Business networks in the United Kingdom

As an Entrepreneur one of most valuable resources you can possess is an extensive and well-qualified support network. You may be looking to network with business angels who can provide finance and advice/ experience from prior startups. It may be that you may be looking for a group where you can network and find other entrepreneurs, maybe even a co-founder. Related: Starting a business Whatever your aim having a versatile and wide-ranging support network can be extremely helpful when setting up a small businesses or running a startup. There is a range of organisations and networks providing support and links for UK ... Read more