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An entrepreneurial approach to online trading

First, understand that online trading is not the same as making a purchase from a local retailer through set prices. Investments are always placed in real-time where bidding is then carried out by the sellers and buyers. If you want to trade online, there are some ground rules you must abide by to achieve your goals. Make a plan and follow it There are rules that stipulate the exit, management of money, and the entry of the trader. Today, online traders are not limited on what to choose for trading. They can choose currencies, futures, commodities, exchange trade, funds and bonds. ... Read more

Online trading, completely explained

Since the beginning of the Internet and the dawn of the digital age, the global trading landscape has been flipped upside down. If it were a coin, most traders would agree it landed on the best side. Over time, a prosperous online world has emerged, enticing people to engage and promising the chance to cash in around every corner. For the more advanced, experienced traders, the plethora of platforms and the wealth of information now at our fingertips means there’s now a likelihood of earning more money with less risk. Trading online today can take many forms, some differ in ... Read more

How not to talk to investors

“If I hear the words pre-launch and significant potential in a pitch again I’m going to throw myself off a cliff,” in the words of a formidable Venture Capitalist I know. Chatting with VCs you do begin to hear some of the wider horror stories of how people pitch and act around them, thus I wanted to focus this post on some of the things you should avoid when engaging investors, most are common sense, but it’s surprising how much people forget when they see the word investor. Related: Venture capital funds in the UK Pitch later, talk first For some ... Read more

Don’t end up like Candy Crush: pros and cons of filing for IPO

Going public seems to be the end goal for more and more thriving startups – but should it be? While many of today’s industry giants owe their affluence to a strong IPO, the process itself is much riskier than it may seem. So before you ring that stock exchange bell, let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons of filing for an initial public offering: Pros Money. Usually lots of it The main reason why small companies file for an IPO is the ability to raise massive amounts of capital fast. This money can be used to ... Read more

6 Data-driven hacks for your crowdfunding campaign

The popular crowdsourcing platforms have granted the average consumer with unprecedented powers over the entrepreneurial landscape. And he seems to be loving it. Every tech-savvy Tom, Dick or Harry can now directly decide which business ideas become a reality, and which hopeful prototypes are doomed to oblivion. I, for one, welcome our new Kickstarter overlords. That being said, there’s still a lot we get wrong about crowdfunding. As the industry grows larger and first serious studies become available, we can see clear trends and crowdsourcing best practices begin to emerge. “I used to have a lot of opinions”, says Indiegogo ... Read more

4 Ways to improve your chances of finding the right funding

It is no secret that the lending landscape for small and startup businesses is tough and applying for loans can very easily become a demoralising tale of deflection and rejection. But, before you start calling in too many favours or begging your relatives to help you out with startup funding, take a look at these tips and action points that are well worth having in mind if you are looking for a loan to finance your fledgeling business. 1. Be honest with your potential lenders It is easy to think that lenders will want to hear all kinds of amazing ... Read more

Venture capital firms in Canada

Venture capital investment is key to supporting early, middle and late staged businesses in Canada. VC funding is an important part of the startup ecosystem. The list below provides information on the major venture funds in Canada. (You can also find a list of UK venture capital funds here.) List of Venture Funds   Innovative Calgary Location: Alberta Targeting: Canada Bio: Formerly known as  Alberta Deal Generator, is an Alberta based hybrid Incubator-Investment, partnered with the University of Calgary, and investing in technology. Investment Level: Investments are run through Invest-Tech which invests in Seed and Early-Stage. Contact/Apply: Contact details here.   BC ... Read more

Entrepreneurs relief

When choosing entrepreneurship as a career option, there are several things that an entrepreneur has to go through. Starting a new business is not an easy task, there are several challenges faced by an entrepreneur at the beginning of their start-up business. Many entrepreneurs work hard and flourish their business in no time. However, there are some who are unable to earn a name in the market. There may be several reasons why any start-up business was unable to flourish. One very crucial problem may be the lack of required resources. Related: How to sell your business Entrepreneurs’ relief explained ... Read more

Business accelerators in Australia

Business accelerators are fast becoming an essential part of the Australian startup ecosystem, these accelerators aim to invest, grow and expand early stage businesses readying them for hyper growth or further investment rounds. They are supporting the fledgeling startup scene across Australia. Related: List of UK business accelerators List of Accelerators   Angel Cube Location: Melbourne Programme: Angel Cube are a hybrid accelerator and incubator, offering an intensive accelerator programme followed by an incubation period to establish a better baseline for your business. Working with technology startups, from either idea stage or a fully functioning business generating $10,000 a month. Accepting ... Read more

What is private equity?

The term private equity refers to a set of capital assets that are not available for public exchange. Private equity funds may more comprehensively be explained as investments that are made discreetly and directly in a private company, without being brought to public knowledge. Private equity investments also include the allocation of capital assets for the purchase of public companies, which consequently lose their status of public equity institutions after the purchase. In other words, after a company is subjected to private equity investments, it no longer qualifies to be listed as a public equity on the stock exchange. Private equity ... Read more

Private equity funds in Australia

Private equity funds provide late stage capital to established and hyper-growth businesses looking to aggressively expand. There are several major private equity funds based in Australia, and they are key instruments in the later stage of the startup eco-system. Related: What is private equity? List of private equity funds Accreation Investment Management Location: Sydney Targeting: Australia/New Zealand Bio: Accreation Investment Management is a later stage private equity firm, focusing on small-to-medium sized businesses. Investment Level: Not Known, for an undisclosed amount of equity. Portfolio Companies: Frigrite, Berri, Australian Char – Full list here. Contact/Apply: Find all contact details here.   Anchorage Capital ... Read more

Venture capital funds in Australia

Venture capital is an essential part of the financial eco-system, enabling and supporting the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Whether you’re looking for seed level, series A or larger rounds of investment funding we’ve compiled a list below of the key venture capital firms in Australia below. (You can also find a database of UK VC firms here.) List of AUS venture capital funds   ANU Connect Ventures Location: Canberra Targeting: Canberra Bio: ANU is a seed/early-stage investment, managing the Discovery Translation Fund which also invests in proof-of-concept companies. Investment Level: None-repayable DTF grant of $25,000 to $50,000 and seed investment of max ... Read more