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Sources of business finance

Often when you’re looking to start or expand a business there is one major barrier, money. So the question is how do you raise the finance needed to fund your endeavour? With a good deal of research is the general answer, and with the list of popular finance options explained in detail below, we hope to make your journey to gaining finance a bit easier. Loans Loans typically allow you to borrow an agreed sum of money and pay it back over a certain period with interest. There are two major types of loans: Secured business loans: The borrower of ... Read more

An entrepreneurial approach to online trading

First, understand that online trading is not the same as making a purchase from a local retailer through set prices. Investments are always placed in real-time where bidding is then carried out by the sellers and buyers. If you want to trade online, there are some ground rules you must abide by to achieve your goals. Make a plan and follow it There are rules that stipulate the exit, management of money, and the entry of the trader. Today, online traders are not limited on what to choose for trading. They can choose currencies, futures, commodities, exchange trade, funds and bonds. ... Read more

Online trading, completely explained

Since the beginning of the Internet and the dawn of the digital age, the global trading landscape has been flipped upside down. If it were a coin, most traders would agree it landed on the best side. Over time, a prosperous online world has emerged, enticing people to engage and promising the chance to cash in around every corner. For the more advanced, experienced traders, the plethora of platforms and the wealth of information now at our fingertips means there’s now a likelihood of earning more money with less risk. Trading online today can take many forms, some differ in ... Read more

The art of not spending unless you have to

Many entrepreneurs will face problems with finance throughout their careers, entrepreneurship and tight financial controls are not two things that seem to correlate. Whether it’s over-spending on office space, luxury travel or things that you can actually justify your need for business, many entrepreneurs have trouble with spending too much. Many a business has gone under due to out of control spending and costs so we decided to compile four key areas where you can look at your business with a new perspective to reduce. More often than not revenue is the focus but always ask yourself and measure at ... Read more

How not to talk to investors

“If I hear the words pre-launch and significant potential in a pitch again I’m going to throw myself off a cliff,” in the words of a formidable Venture Capitalist I know. Chatting with VCs you do begin to hear some of the wider horror stories of how people pitch and act around them, thus I wanted to focus this post on some of the things you should avoid when engaging investors, most are common sense, but it’s surprising how much people forget when they see the word investor. Related: Venture capital funds in the UK Pitch later, talk first For some ... Read more

Coworking London – The definitive list & guide to spaces

Freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs are flocking across London to coworking spaces, why? They provide flexible and low-cost office space while giving people the opportunity to interact with a community of like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups. Put shortly they’re not just trendy offices anymore but a vital and unique part of the London’s startup and freelance eco-system. With this in mind, we decided to put together a list of co-working spaces in London with descriptions, reviews, websites and interesting bits of information. Hopefully, this helps you to find a great space to work! Let us know if we’ve missed anyone or ... Read more

What is Key Man insurance

Key Man insurance is a life insurance policy taken out on an invaluable company executive or employee. Also known as key person insurance or business life insurance, the purpose of the policy is to help the company offset some of the financial losses brought about by an untimely death of a ‘key’ employee. Why insure? Nobody starts a business thinking about dying. Nonetheless, for many companies staying afloat depends disproportionately on the physical well-being of a single individual. In the case of startups and small businesses, most of that burden typically lies on the founder himself. However, the person in question ... Read more

Don’t Panic! Small business pension auto enrolment is here

If you haven’t seen it across the news, UK small businesses will by law have to offer and contribute to workplace pensions for employees earning above £10,000 a year in the year 2014/2015 going forward, so pretty much every full-time employee! Related: Invoice finance for your business In the age-old words of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “Don’t Panic!” but you should be on top of this to avoid any penalties or fines. Small businesses incorporated before 2013 began the process of being enrolled this year, for everyone else, you’ve got a bit longer with deadlines set in 2017/2018. So ... Read more

Don’t end up like Candy Crush: pros and cons of filing for IPO

Going public seems to be the end goal for more and more thriving startups – but should it be? While many of today’s industry giants owe their affluence to a strong IPO, the process itself is much riskier than it may seem. So before you ring that stock exchange bell, let’s take a look at the most important pros and cons of filing for an initial public offering: Pros Money. Usually lots of it The main reason why small companies file for an IPO is the ability to raise massive amounts of capital fast. This money can be used to ... Read more

6 Data-driven hacks for your crowdfunding campaign

The popular crowdsourcing platforms have granted the average consumer with unprecedented powers over the entrepreneurial landscape. And he seems to be loving it. Every tech-savvy Tom, Dick or Harry can now directly decide which business ideas become a reality, and which hopeful prototypes are doomed to oblivion. I, for one, welcome our new Kickstarter overlords. That being said, there’s still a lot we get wrong about crowdfunding. As the industry grows larger and first serious studies become available, we can see clear trends and crowdsourcing best practices begin to emerge. “I used to have a lot of opinions”, says Indiegogo ... Read more

4 Ways to improve your chances of finding the right funding

It is no secret that the lending landscape for small and startup businesses is tough and applying for loans can very easily become a demoralising tale of deflection and rejection. But, before you start calling in too many favours or begging your relatives to help you out with startup funding, take a look at these tips and action points that are well worth having in mind if you are looking for a loan to finance your fledgeling business. 1. Be honest with your potential lenders It is easy to think that lenders will want to hear all kinds of amazing ... Read more

Business insurance in the UK

Hiscox Business Insurance Overview: If you are not sure what kind of insurance suits your company, just mention your type of business on their site and they will help you find the best cover. Insurance Options: Employers Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Key Man Insurance, Office Insurance, Cyber and Data Risks Insurance, Online Retailer Insurance, Retail and Shop Insurance, Trades and Construction Insurance and Insurance products. Useful: They provide insurance for startups, small and medium-sized businesses and various other industries.   AXA Business Insurance Overview: AXA Business Insurance provides insurance services to various ventures ... Read more