Best places to start a business in 2015

Billion’s new infographic provides insights on the top 10 countries to do business in.

Featuring info on the ‘Billion Dollar Start-up Club’, and the top European headquarters of some of the largest companies in the world, the list includes hotspots that range from the far east to the far west – with Denmark as the golden medal winner and Hong Kong and New Zealand positioning themselves at second and third place respectively.

The infographic highlights some other interesting facts about the business world such as:

  • European countries represent a safe heaven for business starters – 6 countries out of 10 are on the European continent.
  • Although Chinese Xiaomi wins the race, the USA still breeds the highest number of billionaire startups in the world. “Uber”  – an online transportation company –  is worth an estimated $41.2bn alone.

Best Places To Start A Business