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Company culture

A great company culture is the key to success

Discover why a great company culture is critical to any business
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/ Last updated on 5th November 2017

A startup team bonding and working effectively together due to a great company culture.

Put simply, the better the culture at your company, the better people perform. Poor work environments are shown to produce poor results, this is especially true in the millennial startup era we’re in. So how do you go about developing and maintaining a great and unique company culture that will attract, nurture and retain the brilliant people you need to build your business?

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Establish your company culture

Before you can maintain your culture, you need to build it. It’s often an area startups don’t codify and don’t work at, generally speaking, as scaling happens this leads to some bad situations including hiring bad employees, losing good employees and generally making everyone miserable and unproductive.

So first things first, sit down and use your company’s mission, your values, and the key teams value to codify a book on your company culture, outline what you are, what you’re aiming for and what your team and company embody. I  highly recommend taking a read of Netflix’s culture slide share before you do this, they set the benchmark as one of the most successful company cultures to ever be developed.

Make sure everyone is on the same page

No CEO, HR director or senior team member alone can build or maintain a great culture within a growing business, as they say, it takes a village to raise a family, the same is true for teams.

You need to make sure that all key team members understand, embody and purvey your culture to themselves and their team members. A good practice is to make company culture adoption and maintenance a part of team member appraisals, it creates accountability around the area and allows you to see any issues quickly.

Make sure your recruitment process is in line with your culture

Have you ever heard the expression, don’t let a fox in the hen-house? We’re going to slight adapt that here, but the same general rule applies. You need to hire just as much on talent as you do on if this potential employee will fit within your company culture and will be able to push it forward. At the end of the day, it comes down to values, shared values will create success in many ways. If a new team member no matter how talented doesn’t share your company culture or values, it will cause severe disruption and productivity problems for them and your team.

Make culture an ongoing priority

Revenue, financial controls, and marketing strategy are all valid areas to manage and lead but so is company culture. It is the engine behind everything you do, for your business to scale, be successful and grow at the pace it should, culture needs to be a strategic objective to build and maintain. If you build a house on sand, don’t expect it to be there for very long!

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